Mysterious bug bites in the night



  • SuperC
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    The bites resemble being peed on, which appears as a bite, by ants. Have the exterior and interior of your living place sprayed for ants and insects. Dab rubbing alcohol on the infected area and do not itch. May take a few days to heal. Cheers!

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    For some members experiencing mysterious bites, could it be bird mites? They don't live long off a bird, about a week, but if a bird has made a nest in your evestrough or something, then you could have this issue.

    We had some nesting a few years ago. I saw little tiny black (and clearer) things crawling on the wall, then more, and 😬 more. It was yucky.

    I tried to kill as many as I could and taped up any holes that might go into the wall (you know, it could be a tunnel...and some were!), and we then went and removed the nest. It had two dead, almost grown, dead chicks in it. These mites can infest even if birds leave the nest. Again...yuck.

    Most wild birds are heavily infested. I was so glad that nobody carried the mites to our chickens! That was also a concern of mine.

    After the week of being vigilant, they all died off. We were fortunate that they didn't make it into beds and into furniture. We suffered no bites since I noticed them most likely on their first day of entry into the house.

  • stephanie447
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    I had a few bites like this recently after sleeping, just 4, one on my shin and four on my left hand. I hate to think some sort of spider was in bed with me but whatever it was, it hasn't happened since (crossing fingers).