Show 89: Mindfulness and Chamomile


  • Torey
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    Mindfulness is a very interesting topic.

    My experience with people who have PTSD is somewhat different than yours. A lot of the people I know who have PTSD are unable to function well in large crowds or cities and are much more comfortable in the wilderness. I think it just depends on the experience that resulted in the PTSD.

    Mindfulness is something that I often talk about during plant walks. Its knowing the dangers that can come with being in the wilderness and how to be attuned to them without being in a state of fear. Which plants grow here that might be dangerous (water hemlock, giant hogweed, poison ivy or oak) and what wild animals might be encountered. Mindfulness is very important in snake country! And calling out in bear country!

    More than just the dangers, as you have pointed out, mindfulness can help us find the plants that we are seeking out. When you find the plant you are looking for, paying attention to the climate, geography, soil types, companion plants, etc., helps to attune that mindfulness. And then if we apply that mindfulness it becomes easier to find what we are looking for next time.

    Chamomile is indeed a powerful herb that we tend to dismiss as a tea herb or a child’s herb. But it is so much more. I use it quite a bit in salves to reduce skin redness and inflammation. 

  • judsoncarroll4
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    It definitely depends. I know one guy who has PTSD, who wants to be alone int he woods most all the time. He can't stand crowds. I know another who cannot be alone int he woods, especially at night. He doesn't even like being int eh country. He likes to live in a tight neighborhood, with a security alarm and such.