The Appendix has a purpose

I just read that it serves a purpose. It helps repopulate microflora in the "gut". It is also part of the immune system, part of the lymphatic system.

Did you know that? That's cool. I'm glad I still have mine! Before, I was just glad I'd never had a problem with it.

So...making sure your lymph is moving is important. I would suspect in this case that making sure this system stays healthy & moving could prevent an appendix attack? This is pretty new information to me & I found it quite interesting and got me thinking.

You know, cleavers is used to move the lymph. I finally have huge healthy easy to find plants of cleavers this year...yay! Yeah, I know you guys are most likely to celebrate this weed in the garden with me. 😂

I will need to do a search on here for the discussion of cleavers yet again. One thing I need to determine is if a tincture is the best way to prepare it for use? I'm sure my cleavers is ready to use.


  • Michelle D
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    I had heard that there was a study that discovered a purpose for the appendix. I didn't know what the findings were specifically. This is very interesting indeed.

    I will likely have to find a new source for cleavers. I had lovely volunteer growth on the East property line but I think my chickens pretty much wiped it out. Maybe it will show up again next year. 🤞

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @LaurieLovesLearning I too still have my appendix, so I will continue to look after it! Re cleavers, apparently best as an infusion in either oil or water or as a tincture. Do not boil. Information from The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, Nicole Apelian.

  • Cornelius
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    Interesting! I figured it had a purpose and we just hadn't figured it out yet (which is sadly a norm lol). I know someone that had theirs removed and the surgeon said that from some of their research on appendixes that people in hunter gather civilizations rarely have appendicitis, but once they move into a western sedentary lifestyle they have it at the same rate as the country they move to. He also said to reduce the chances of having it do exercise, eat fiber, and stay hydrated!

  • Merin Porter
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    Agree! I just have a hard time thinking that anything in the body is there on accident, even if we don't understand its purpose yet....