Need some help??

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As you can see from the picture only one side of the box has vegetables growing. I have tried two different crops that have been unsuccessful. (I took the picture yesterday.) Today I dug out several inches of soil; used vinegar on the top of the wood to dilute any cat pee and then sprinkled cinnamon and black pepper to discourage cats!

I would like to plant carrots in this half after I am not sure that everything has been fixed. What else can I do to mitigate the problems? I have found dog and cat poo in this half of the box. This is also the half of the box where someone would draw in the dirt every night!

I would really appreciate any and all help in this matter. Last years carrots were amazing and I really want to grow more!


  • Torey
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    A piece of chicken wire laid on top of the soil will help to keep cats and dogs out of your bed while the seeds are germinating. No suggestion on how to keep the humans out. But if the wire is there, maybe they will get the idea.

    Cayenne is an effective deterrent for all species, although it does have to be replaced after rain. You could make a sign saying that the bed has been sprayed with cayenne to keep animals out and maybe that would keep your humans out.

  • dipat2005
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    @torey thank you for the great suggestions. The sign (which is not turned the right way) says research garden!

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    I was thinking to suggest bird netting but I think the chicken wire idea would probably work better.

    @dipat2005 I hope you can get people to leave it alone. I know from experience how frustrating it can be when humans mess up your garden.

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    Maybe a sign saying it was treated with raw cow or horse manure to help keep people out? I have also seen pictures where folks have "planted" plastic forks with the handles down and tines up to help teach animals to stay out.

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    @Michelle D I think you are correct in thinking that chicken wire would be better. @vickeym the fork idea is a good reminder for me as I have used it before. Thanks for all of the great ideas!

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    Blow up a few balloons and attach them to the area where the cats/dogs are misdoing because those tend to spook them, and then cats will leave it alone once one pops!

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    @SuperC Thanks for the great idea!