Do you have a method of making an anti-itch ointment or lotion using jewel weed flowers

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I have an abundance of jewel weed here and I frequently use the flowers for bug bites, poison ive, etc. I am looking for an ointment, lotion, or what-have-you recipe. Thanks!

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    First of all, welcome to TGN's forum @68monaviegirl. Glad you have joined us. When you have a chance, check out the Introductions section and let us know what part of the world you are from.

    If you want to make a salve from jewelweed it is pretty much the same as any other salve using fresh plant material. I should mention that jewelweed doesn't grow near me so I've never used it but I have Himalayan balsam in my garden and it is supposed to work similarly. I have plans to make an oil and salve this week to experiment with.

    So chop up your plant material and cover with a good quality oil (I use olive oil) in a glass jar. Set in a water bath and let steep for a few hours (4-6) on low heat. Stir the plant material around in the oil every hour or so. Strain and measure the oil. For every 8 oz. of oil add 1 oz. of beeswax. Heat enough to melt beeswax and pour into jars.

    The search bar is pretty easy to use and there are other discussions about jewelweed that might have other suggestions for you.