Gin and Tonic for hot summers

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I know that not all of us imbibe, bit the Gin and Tonic was invented to help sailors cope with the heat and malaria during hot summers. I buy commercial tonic water, made with quinine. I have been experimenting with legal, infused gin (botanicals steeped in vodka). A good summer combo is juniper, citrus zest and borage flowers. Hibiscus is interesting, as are roses and violets. Butter herbs provide a nice counter to the sweetness. A touch of anise is also nice.



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    @ judsoncarroll4 Your summer combo sounds very enticing! Yum

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    I don't like the taste of gin but your botanical combos sound really interesting. I bet they'll make tasty kefir, kombucha or even ice teas :)

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    I don't care for gin and tonic. If I were to drink gin (and that would be a rare thing), a Tom Collins would be more my style or maybe a Gin Fizz.

    But I do like to sample things to get the different flavours and gins certainly have a widely variety of taste profiles. There are quite a few craft distillers in my province that have introduced new gin flavours to the market. One of them is Empress Gin which has been infused with butterfly pea flowers to make it a lovely indigo colour which turns lavender pink with the addition of a bit of lemon juice.

    I haven't tried making my own yet but you may have inspired me.

    I have lots of borage flowers at the moment. I would never have thought to add those. I have juniper berries and some orange peel that need to be used.

    How much of each would you put into how much vodka?