How to use a LOT of lettuce!


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    @judsoncarroll4 I think this is one I will probably skip! I enjoyed watching Julia Child---been a LONG time, but oh, so much work! lol

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    @judsoncarroll4 Use 14 ounces of lettuce in every meal. It’s quite a lot, and your body will thank you. (I have not seen the clip yet)

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    I have used up the occasional head of lettuce or greens by adding them to a soup I was making. The greens are a subtle taste addition to the soup and I kept from wasting the fresh vegetables.

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    When I lived in Asia it was common to top a hot soup with lettuce (which would wilt immediately). But it was a nice addition.

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    Looks fun. But way more time than I would want to put in. Of course, doing it early in the day there wouldn't be the "what do we want for dinner?" drama.

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    Wow, that's a ton of lettuce, for sure @judsoncarroll4! 😲

    I don't have enough time in my day for that. Plus I've never been fond of soggy veggies. And that looks like it would be quite soggy. 😝

    I never realized that braising would take so long. The few times I've tried my hand at braising didn't come close to that amount of cooking time, which makes me wonder if I did it properly, to begin with.🤔

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    I normally braise things like chicken or game. I brown it, then put it in a pot with the veggies and sauce and let it low simmer for at least an hour or two, covered. For instance, Chicken a la Creole:

    Brown up your cut up chicken in olive oil and remove from the pot. Brown onions, celery, peppers and garlic. Add canned tomatoes, chicken stock and white wine and scrape up all the bits from the pot into the sauce. Add parsley and Creole seasoning. Salt and pepper to taste. Put the chicken back in. Cover and braise. It works even better with old hens, roosters and guineas fowl than it does with tender fryers.