Re-soling shoes - it was easy!

I walk a LOT. My feet are my transportation. Asphalt, concrete, and other rough surfaces are everywhere.

I go through sandals pretty quickly.

This one pair from Crocs are so comfortable and all the upper parts are still super functional. I couldn't bear to throw them out when the inevitable hole to the concrete eventually showed up.

So I went to gasp! Amazon... ordered some glue and sole material which is a thick sheet of kind of like rubber?

Yup, they need new soles.

I used 'white out' to mark where I should cut the sole material. Not really the most accurate or even asthetically pleasing...

You apply a coat of glue to both surfaces and then let it dry. Because I live in a very humid climate I let it dry some more. I let it dry over two days versus the few hours they recommend.

And then I applied another coat of glue. And when you put the two surfaces together you only get one chance. So I was praying I could line it up properly....

But wholla!

Okay, so maybe I should stick to my day job of running an online organization and not run off to become a cobbler or anything like that. But I am very proud of myself.

Here are the materials I used from Amazon:


The glue has held together fabulously.

The sole material is very thick and yet flexible enough for walking shoes. It was easy enough to work with thick scissors. The box knife wasn't really that useful The sole material I bought is kind of rubbery, but almost more like strong plastic (despite the reviews). After wearing it - and I walk a lot! - for several months now I can attest it is durable.

But sole the surface will 'slip' when walking on an incline that is wet. If you are a flat lander this sole material will work great for you. But I live in Puerto Rico where we have a lot of wet inclines... and I have to take small steps so as not to slip with these soles. It is a good product but next time I'll look for something with more tread.  

The whole process was fairly easy. I feel great knowing I did it myself. And that I didn't toss yet another thing into the land fill unnecessarily.

So if you are thinking about it, I say - go for it.