Foraging recipes

@torey This is roughly from your area of the world. There are so very many tasty sounding & beautiful foraging recipes found here.


  • Torey
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    @LaurieLovesLearning Some of these look quite exotic!

    I will have to try the hawthorn berry brownie cake. And the crab apple galette looks very good. I'll have to substitute something for the salal berries as they are very much a coastal fruit. Maybe haskaps. My neighbour has a crab apple tree that should be ready about now. I must check on that.

    I'll also try the pineapple weed muffins but I'll have to alter it a bit. Protein powder isn't something that I would buy, but I have some chickpea flour that would probably do just as well. I'll keep in the psyllium but will use local plantain seeds instead. Not sure what I will do for the sweetener. Possibly maple sugar crystals.

    The Whiskey & Spice Milk Punch sounds like it might be one for @judsoncarroll4.

    Don't really know what to think about the rose petal pesto, though.

    I've bookmarked the page to check for future new recipes.

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    BTW, someone may be working on a foraging book, including recipes.... guess who.