Vermicomposting in an existing bed

Is it possible for me to compost in the 14 inch deep garden bed if I remove some of the poisoned earth? How far down should I dig? I originally put in red worms- do I need to get more? Can I do this kind of composting outside? I would need to cover it up and I my neighbor made sure I have plenty of chicken wire to make a hump over the bed.

Do you think it would work? I thought I would do it inside but I am thinking this might be a great opportunity to do it outside. Any thoughts??


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    I don't know about composting with worms like that. Mine are in my garage. But a couple years ago I made a trench in front of where I was going to plant my tomatoes and filled it with a lot of veggies scraps. Then I covered it up with dirt and planted my tomatoes behind the trench. They grew so good that year! I've said over and over I was going to do that again, but I've never had a mega amount of veggie scraps on hand like that again.

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    @dipat2005 Make sure you have the correct worms. We have a thread on that somewhere on the forum. There is a type of invasive worm sold under the name of red wriggler that is very bad. I don't remember the name of the worm, but it is a crazy moving worm, and that is one of the ways to tell if it is the bad type. The other is its look.

    I would be concerned that they might just leave if they were just placed in the ground. I would do an experiment maybe. Keep most in a closed system inside somewhere, but maybe put a few out and check periodically if they have stuck around or if they take off.

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    I have not tried putting worms in the soil. I use a container. My friend put hers in the soil and they all left later and she had to get more.

    If you add scraps to an area worms should just come to break it down. My uncle used to dig a trench and put it in the aisles of his garden

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    Worms apparently like to be together so if you divide them, make sure to have a good number together. I did see that you can put them in your garden, but can they survive winter? I suppose that they would burrow deeper. I am using the worm factory. I have it in my carport until the temperature drops too low; then I will have to bring it inside.

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    Yes, worms will go down deeper to stay warm.

    I keep my worms in the basement.

    I am introducing my nephew to vermacomposting this fall. It will be one of his home schooling projects

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    @MissPatricia and @Monek Marie I so appreciate these comments. I may wait another year before I do one inside.