Free plants!

Its that time of year in NW Pa.

People are cleaning out their gardens or downsizing and free curbside plants are everywhere. I saw a listing today on one of the plant sites and picked up peonies, daylillies and rose of sharon. The rose of sharon I will pot up and sell. Peonies I will pot and keep half of them and give away some and the daylillies I dropped off at a friends this morning. He loves flowers and is home bound.

Last Sunday I helped a friend with her garden and came home with a truck and back car seat full of plants. And a bag of tomatoes!

So keep an eye out for free plants and even collecting seeds from peoples gardens or parks.


  • MissPatricia
    MissPatricia Posts: 308 ✭✭✭

    I always seem to be paying for plants; I often give mine away after they have multiplied. Wish that I could find some for free. I'll be getting more plants the end of September that I have purchased: elderberry (Adams), some daffodils (just because I want another color/variety), some other bulb (don't remember), and some more that I also don't remember.

  • Monek Marie
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    @MissPatricia Put an ad in the paper or facebook if your on there to swap plants.

    Check with garden clubs mor members. They often give ones away

    See what garden clubs are in the areas

    Check curbsides (where I found some of mine today)

    Stop and chat with a person who owns a pretty garden. There's a good chance they will give you some plants