Any tips on making apple cider vinegar?

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I'm about to venture into making apple cider vinegar for the first time. Any tips are welcome.


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Hmm. This is timely. I was thinking the same.

    You can use apple peels, correct?

  • Merin Porter
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    @merlin44 It's definitely time for this, isn't it? My trees are dripping with apples right now, so I've got canned apple pie filling and applesauce on the to-do list. But I may have to add some ACV to the plan!

    We actually just posted an article on making ACV with bottled apple juice to the blog (for those who don't grow their own or who don't have time to start with fresh apples), here:

    I would also highly recommend checking out our free ebook on making raw vinegars -- there are lots of good ideas for using raw vinegar, plus clear instructions on how to make your own. You can view it online here:

  • Torey
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    A few years ago, I made ACV from homemade cider. We pressed our apples, put the juice in a carboy, added yeast and waited. We bottled some of it for drinking as cider and I kept a gallon out for ACV. I added the mother from a bottle of Bragg's to it and within a couple of weeks had a lovely homemade ACV. The cider was very good, too. Although, one tree was better than the other.

    We have a very nice, crisp eating apple and a softer, less appealing apple that makes a better applesauce. Surprisingly, the softer apple made the better cider. Better tasting and perfectly clear. The eating apple cider was cloudy and not quite as tasty.

    I can't remember which cider it was that I used for the ACV.

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    I tried making apple scrap vinegar once. Even covered with cheesecloth it got bugs. Guess I needed more layers or something. I'm thinking if I try again I might use either muslin or a coffee filter to cover it.

    Had the same problem with sauerkraut. Still want to try them both again.

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    I have used apple cider to make vinegar like @torey did.

    My friends uses apple peels but I have heard the quality is not as good as when you use the entire apple.

    And I would like to try making it from store bought apple juice just because the might be a time when I don't have apples