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    Hmmm- prickly pear inside- could work- i bring my other little decorative cactuses in every winter and they usually live.

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    @vickeym how is the new job going? How is your hand feeling?

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    Sorry I have not updated. The hand is still not completely functional. There are adhesions where the skin and scar tissue have adhered to the knuckle or tendon or something. Limits range of motion, interferes with other fingers a bit and is slightly painful-uncomfortable. They may have to go back in and cut the adhesion loose. If they do, the healing won't be as long or as difficult since the tendon won't be cut again.

    New job has a bit of a learning curve. Surprisingly it is not the work for the most part, it is finding the homes of my clients. Living this rural is somewhat interesting when it comes to finding places. GPS doesn't necessarily work well out here.

    Some of these elderly folks know how to get to their homes, but not how to give directions to them. The notes the previous driver left were somewhat lacking. LOL As an example one fella told us to go 5 miles down a certain road and look for orange cone he was going to put at foot of driveway. He did not know house number (address) only 5 miles down. My husband asked him that multiple times and repeated it back to him.

    Ended up in an area where we had to drive down what looked like a cow path through a field, that led to a logging area with no where to turn around. Vehicle is not 4wd and couldn't handle the snow very well. Ended up getting locked out while trying to shovel out an area to turn around in. Once local locksmith showed up and also plowed us a spot to turn around he told us if we kept going without getting stuck we would have ended up at a nudist colony. lol

    Client lived at mile 3 not 5 and by the time he put the cone out we had already gone by. No coats or gloves on at the time and `17 degrees out.

    But it is getting better. I am updating all the directions, and printing out street maps for the 3 villages we are driving into. Some of the folks are kinda grumpy but others are very nice and sweet. One lady who is a bit lonely has invited us to come by for coffee anytime. Have run into folks I knew from my last job or the one before that and was happy to find them again.

    Hoping the rain-snow mix we are getting today won't be an issue on Wednesday when I go out again. Will be delivering Thanksgiving baskets on Saturday. That will be fun. I know how much some of these folks need this stuff so it makes the job even better.