Hawthorn, Apple and Blueberry Syrup

I was one of the recipe testers for Wild Remedies and one of the recipes I got to do was for an apple syrup which later became the Apple and Berry Concentrate recipe in the book. I didn't want to post it here because of copyright but now Mountain Rose Herbs has published a version of it. Apparently it originally came from jim macdonald. Rosalee's version used apple juice while this one uses cider. So here is the link (under a different name):

I have made this syrup several times using local, organic apple juice. It is excellent. Can be poured over ice cream or yogurt or used on pancakes/waffles. I use an ounce or so in club soda to make a really tasty, refreshing beverage. It keeps well in the fridge but I put some in ice cube trays and used those to add to beverages.

Full of antioxidants.

You could add other herbs & spices to this for their medicinal benefits. Cinnamon is one that I will be adding to the next potful. Maybe some star anise, too.