Free clothing sale. Wow!

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We have a local clothing clothing distributor. They sell all over the USA. This year they donated clothing to a church that was new. Maybe it did not sell as well as they thought, etc.., But it was new. Some of the popular sizes were not there but there was still enough to find great deals (yes free!)

I went with the intention of getting clothing to recreate and craft with. I was surprised I found as much clothing that O could wear. Yes I will tweak it and make it my own, but there were fabulous finds.

There were some nice vests, tee shirt dresses that I can ready have fun with denim heavy shirts, really jackets and much more. I did end up with a new wardrobe. Believe it or not Goodwill is getting to pricey.

I picked up shirts to quilt with (I cut pieces pout tonight) what I do not use I will bag up for the senior center craft department. I picked up really small pants to make garden aprons and purses from. I may make garden pot covers.

There are nice sweatshirts I will craft on to make unique.

I also picked out some clothing, just for buttons. Buttons are quite expensive anymore.

The sale was huge. I bet there were 100 8 foot tables full of clothing,

It was a fun day.


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    I need clothes hangers or something that will work like that. Any ideas?

    I got rid of most of my hangers years ago. I am not really fond of them but I am in need of hanging a few things.