DIY Reupholstering furniture

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Here is a simple how to from Mother Earth News. We've got both a beautiful old living room chair & a number of stacking stools to do. I found super heavy denim that I can easily use for the stools (and I'll have a bunch of extra fabric...what to do with it?), but need to find something more comfy for the chair. The denim could have easily done the chair, but my husband deemed it not comfortable enough.

I also need to find suitable foam for both stools & to replace the foam chair cushion as it has been damaged over its lifetime.


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    My grandmother reupholstered two matching chairs way back in the late 60's. They are so comfortable and should be redone again.

    I have about 3 heavy fabrics that should work.

    Mother Earth News has great info. Thanks for sharing.

    And good luck with your projects