Show 102: Gentian, Eggplant Parm and The Pure Foods and Drug Act


  • Torey
    Torey Posts: 5,502 admin

    I’m happy to hear about your successes with your latest book, Judson.

    Sorry about your ankle and not having any herbs on hand. I think you need a homeopathic kit. Very small to travel with. 36 different remedies.

    Totally in agreement with you about homemade mayo but personally, I’m not into mayo as a dredging ingredient before the crumbs or flour. Someone suggested I try this with fried chicken. Maybe I did it wrong but YUCK!

    Gentian. I really want some growing in my yard cause its one of my favourite herbs, too. Sometimes its hard to source. Pretty sure it will grow here but I understand it is hard to grow from seed. I’ve never seen plants for sale. Angostura bitters is well known as the bartender’s cure for the nausea and vomiting that goes with a hangover. :)

    I will send you some research articles I have on the antimicrobial properties of gentian.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    Thanks Torey -I agree that mayo does not work for frying chicken! If I leave the skin on, I like to do an overnight soak in buttermilk and hot sauce. I put Creole seasoning in the flour and dredge with that. For skin off, I skip the buttermilk.

    Looking forward to the info - thanks!