Holistic Dental Webinar a most excellent interview

A big shout out to @Marjory Wildcraft for her excellent interview with holistic dentist, Dr Michelle Jorgensen. Chock full of great questions, advice & a new way of thinking about dental health.

I am blessed with good teeth but 4 years ago after learning about the dangers of mercury, I sought out a local holistic dentist & had my amalgam fillings removed. (Safely) While in that process, formed a nice client relationship with my dentist & got talking about sleeping, breathing etc. I now wear a specially made “mouth guard” to protect my teeth (grinding in my sleep) & open up my airways, so I sleep/breathe better.

My wife, not so lucky in the teeth department & has unfortunately had some dodgy dentists do some dodgy work that is now being rectified by our holistic dentist. Only yesterday she had a crown removed that had a split tooth underneath. Then a bone graft (pig) was inserted in the socket & a temporary bridge put in place. Apparently the pig bone is new technology, rather than titanium or even ceramic, like Dr Michelle spoke about.

When all the toothpaste is used up in our house, I am making dental powder from now on, so those of you who make their own, please hit me with recipes. I am making our mouthwash now, either salt water or colloidal silver + filtered water + peppermint EO.

If there is a chance for that interview to be shown again, I urge anyone with teeth to watch it!!


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    I missed it! I'm good at that.

    Nice review, @JodieDownUnder.

    Mine is a mix of Himalayan salt, baking soda & sage powder (for whitening). I am considering adding powdered myrrh to it the next time I make it. I usually make lots up because we are many and it lasts, so why not?

    Below is a remineralizing tooth powder recipe from a member named Heather, who dealt with an issue like this within her family. This was posted in 2018.

    3 tbsp. calcium carbonate

    2 tbsp. bentonite clay

    1/2 cup baking soda

    1/4 cup Himalayan salt, whirled in your spice grinder until a fine powder

    1 tsp. peppermint eo

    10 drops myrrh eo

    10 drops clove eo

    There are more recipes here:


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    @JodieDownUnder, I almost missed it but I stayed up late the last night it was available to watch the whole thing and take notes. I wish Dr. Michelle was closer than Salt Lake City, but hopefully, there are some holistic dentists near me on the lists she mentioned. I'm praying that the one we changed to a couple of years ago is on that list. I have many things I can ask and find out for sure now, thanks to her interview.

    I intend on making tooth powder for all of us now that we're on our last tubes of toothpaste. I believe I have most of the ingredients already that Dr. Michelle listed in the toothpowder she makes.

    Thanks for sharing the remineralizing toothpowder recipe, @LaurieLovesLearning. My oldest has some severe dental issues and I'm praying that type of tooth powder will help her, in addition to finding a true holistic dentist. 🤞

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    @JodieDownUnder I agree--it was great! I could watch it again and I'm sure that I would pick up more! Well worth the time!

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    @torey in this interview, Dr Michelle spoke about cell salts & horsetail for remineralisation of teeth. I wasn’t familiar with cell salts so googled & it seems they are the same as homeopathic remedies. The list I found inc Mag Phos, Calc Fluor, Silica etc then talks about Bioplasma, all 12 combined. What are your thoughts on using these as a remineralisation tool for teeth please? Do you do this?

    Is silica & silicea the same thing?

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    I just had my second dental cleaning for the year, a couple of days ago. During the exam, they checked my pockets and the numbers she was dictating were the best I've ever had. Also, when the dentist examined my teeth, he said they all looked good. No mention of cavities that had been previously noted nor the crack in one of my teeth that had been noted earlier this year. I have been brushing with baking soda and charcoal. Plus, I have been chewing my calcium/magnesium tablet after brushing my teeth each night in hopes that would help re-mineralize my teeth. I also have been oil pulling a couple of times a week in the morning. So, I am pretty happy with my results. I heard an earlier interview with Dr. Michelle Jorgensen and learned a lot. I'll need to look up the newer interview.

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    @JodieDownUnder Yes, I use cell salts but not as regularly as I should. I use an Ayurvedic toothpaste (that was recommended by a friend's naturopath) or the tooth powder that I make myself. Those simple steps seem to have improved my mouth health. I haven't had a cavity in several years and my teeth regularly had cavities before I started seeing my current holistic dentist. It was about the same time that I started seeing this dentist that I started on the cell salts and the tooth paste switch. My pockets have decreased significantly as well.

    The toothpaste is Auromere. The tooth powder I make is similar to the one Rosalee de la Foret makes with myrrh, cinnamon and licorice powder. I add baking soda to mine as well.

    Yes, silica and silicea are the same.

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    Our family has had a holistic dentist for many years, and are very pleased with him. I have had no cavities for about 15 yr....dr. said it was the area I grew up in with hard water. I have a lot of sage drying, since I have 4 big plants, and making more. I did a short read on sage and all the uses for it as medicine, and mouth, so will be looking into that next. I have epilepsy, and some of the sites say sage is to be used with caution. At my age, I say, what is another seizure? If anyone has used sage for their teeth or gums, please inform us.

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    @JodieDownUnder I changed from bought to self made toothpaste half a year ago and am very happy. my toothpaste is a combination of sage salve, tormentil (potentilla erecta) tincture and healing chalk. 1 part salve, two parts water (I take 1,5 part water and 0,5 part tincture), 3 parts either healing chalk or healing earth. I like a combination with healing earth even better as It helps to get rid of stones without any dentist.

    i have not tried out powder. But I am mentally ready to do it. I have collected a few recipes. I just need to find time to try it out.

    sorry I missed the interview. It is such a busy time here. I hope to catch up soon.

    @LaurieLovesLearning @marjstratton thank you for sharing your experience.

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    @bookworm I've used sage in my toothpowder. I put it in as it is supposed to be a tooth whitener. If you have any other information on its use in the mouth, I'd be interested to know more.

    Would it be an issue for you even if you have the powder in your mouth & are rinsing & spitting it out? I found the sage-epilepsy connection interesting, since I didn't know about that before.

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    Thank you for reposting this recipe, @LaurieLovesLearning ! It looks like an excellent one to try....

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    AAACCKKKKK! I can't find my notes from the interview with Dr. Michele. Can anyone tell me the web addresses to look up a holistic dentist in your area? It's time for choosing insurance coverage and I had intended to check that site first.

    However, with the renovations on the house here things keep getting moved around and I can't find my notes.😱😭

    Does anyone have those sites she mentioned? They were acronyms.

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    I missed it too @LaurieLovesLearning lol. Hopefully it will air again 🙃