Canadian Herb Conference 2022

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This weekend, November 3-6 is the Canadian Herb Conference.

40 workshops with over 30 presenters including David Winston, Dr. Terry Willard (from Wild Rose College), the Herbal Jedi - Yarrow Willard, 7Song, Conrad Richter (of Richter's Herbs), Mimi Hernandez, Katolen Yardley, etc. On a wide range of topics.

Its $147 CA but with this code "HERBNERB" you get $25 off.

This is their main page.

You can check out the list of presenters and which workshops they are doing.

Its worth 20 CEUs for anyone who is interested in that aspect.


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    @torey I thought for sure you’d be one of the presenters.

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    Thanks, @JodieDownUnder. Maybe in a future year when I have more letters after my name.

    For anyone still interested there is a new code word to get the discount. ITSNOTTOOLATE

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    One of the things that came up this weekend in different panels was the importance of protecting traditional medicines around the world. Some practices have been well documented for thousands of years (TCM, Ayurveda, TAIM, etc.), while others have simply been handed down in families or clans, generally through the maternal lineage.

    Even if some of the pharmacology may have changed from the older texts, the lessons learned are valuable ones and should be investigated for validity and not just considered "historic". Family recipes and traditions shouldn't be considered "old wive's tales".

    @jowitt.europe and @judsoncarroll4 will be interested to hear that Fr. Kneipp was mentioned a few times. There was one lecture all about hydrotherapy where he was the focus of the discussion.

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    That is certainly my philosophy - empirical evidence! I want to get a lot more into the Water Cure next year.

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    @torey how interesting that Kneipp is known so far away from his fatherland Bavaria. We have a lot of the so called Kneippanlage. I personally know at least 4 in the circle of 10 or less kilometres from where I live. His teaching is very alive here. And, I have noticed myself, that people are more and more interested in the old ways of staying healthy. Wise people know to cherish the old values.