Fermenting and Pickling sunchokes - one way to get rid of their gaseous effects

Every autumn I harvest lots of sunchokes. But, so far, I have not found a way to really enjoy eating them. The side effect - they cause bloating. After searching for different recipes I decided to try out fermenting and then pickling.

i attach two recipes which I somehow try to adapt using the expertise of the authors and my experience in fermenting cucumbers.

thus my plan is:

  1. wash and clean sunchokes (done)
  2. put them into a bucket on a dill plants and horseradish leaves bed (done)
  3. cover with salt solution: 1,5 table spoon per 1 Liter water (done)
  4. weigh the sunchokes under the liquid (I put a plate and weighed it with a stone)

keep for 3 days so that gas starts appearing in form of bubbles (the bubbles started appearing in 10 hours)

remove the sunchokes from the liquid, wash, and place back into a new herb and salt solution for another 4 days. (I will definitely taste them after 3 days).

wash them again, fill in jars, boil a marinade adding garlic, curry, pepper…, pour hot onto sunchokes in jars, close and keep in cellar.

Or (as I do with fermenting cucumbers) - heat the liquid in which they were sitting in for last four days and pour it hot on sunchokes and close tight.

store in cellar.

Has anybody tried fermenting and pickling? Any advice? I am doing a whole bucket. It would be a shame to throw them away after not being successful…

Washed and soaked