Interview with Bix Weir fascinating Citizen Journalist / Researcher

I have been following Bix for a few years now. His findings are really fascinating. He has an amazing depth into financial machinations (his background is in the banking system) and political insights.

This interview I did with Bix is an introduction of his research.

Now I love me a good conspiracy theory - although these days we should just call them theories because so many of them have manifested - and Bix has some angles on the world situation I have not heard of anywhere else.

  • there is way more gold in available form then is being reported
  • there are good forces behind the scenes that want to move us to a gold backed currency
  • why collapsing the banking system will be the best for humainty but very difficult in the short term
  • Alan Greenspan is not really a bumbling idiot no one can understand... that was all a ruse
  • there is a good side to the Federal Reserve

And more.

Definitely worth looking into.

Enjoy! And let me know your thoughts.

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