Netherlands to *force* compulsory buyout of 3000 farms

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You do get different perspectives of this depending on who's worldview you read from. Sure, a reduction in harmful practices is good, but strong threats from govt. given instead of assisting in better, less harmful practices, in my opinion, is totally wrong and very cruel & short-sighted. If the farmers don't accept the payouts, the threat is to take their property by force. So, fear & coercion, or force. Either way, the government takes it away. What sort of choice is that? This is not the right nor moral way to reduce this alleged problem of nitrogen pollution. It's far from it.

Those targeted are most likely not only the big producers, but likely small family farms as well, and 3000 farms is a lot, and will affect many families.

This is another short-sighted case of heavy-handed, ignorant & controlling government officials who've never left city life, with no understanding of how any farming works, making the rules for rural folks, at the expense of others (not themselves in their cushy positions) & the national economy. It also doesn't help solve any food shortages locally nor worldwide.

Once the government holds this land, it most likely will never be in private hands in the future ever again. It will be a big blow to rural life in that country.

I know some Canadians have expressed concern about this sort of thing happening here. There are huge indicators at this being in our farming culture's fairly near future, even though Canada already has very low usage & strict rules regarding nitrogen usage. There are issues with conventional farming practices, and you know I do voice my opinions on it, but this buyout is not the answer in any country. Encouraging farming on a smaller scale & using regenerative farming methods, is a wiser and kinder plan to everyone & the environment.

Both of these news articles are behind a pay wall, but you can get a basic idea of what is happening from two perspectives. I guess you now know mine. 🤔


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    I read about this earlier today. There is going to be a lot of hungry people. Scary how this could happen in every country.

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    Wow. The governments seem to be meddling yet again in things they, for the most part, know nothing about.

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    This is crazy. Soon you will have fake meat factories being built to replace the foods they are deliberately removing from availability. How long before they come after homesteaders who grow for themselves?

    We will all be living in tiny pods in the city, where they will decide what, when and if we get to eat.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Well, @vickeym Canada now has the world's largest cricket farm (aka huge factory) in Ontario.

    I think they already have fake meat factories with all the plant based stuff. I don't know how cost effective lab meat would be to produce on a large scale.

    They will certainly come after us. I've believed that for quite some time. We are too much of a knowledgeable, independent & questioning, thinking people. That's why I keep trying to promote foraging. Know the other skills well, but know how to safely & effectively forage for food & medicine. Clean water sourcing is also important.

    Once your land & property on it is gone, it changes a lot of what you can do. Land grabs have already begun in BC under the UNDRIP program. It is not at all like the way they are packaging it either. It sounds very underhanded & illegal, but that's what the outgoing Vancouver mayor signed an agreement to. I think it is focused only in Vancouver so far in Canada. It follows a proven model in New Zealand, so I understand. I found a video I can pass on by pm if anyone is interested. Just pm me.

    I think alluvial title is what is claimed to be important to have (if it was available in your area), but I'm not sure that there is much of a safety catch in the end against something with so much force & power.

    That, and online media/content seen sounds like it is about to change drastically in Canada. Censoring here is soon supposedly kick into high gear. Some are fighting back against all of these things, but nothing much seems to stop the momentum, unfortunately.

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    In the US we have career politicians dictating what is considered green/humane and what is not, the biggest problem most of them have never seen or been on a farm unless it is a big corporate operation.

    I am all for protecting the environment; however, the two biggest polluters do not have plans to clean up their part of the pollution.

  • Megan Venturella
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    It’s crazy what politicians and the powerful are trying to do. It makes me sick. I just hope enough people are aware of what’s going on that it can be stopped or people will resist, but this stuff is so heavily censored!

    @LaurieLovesLearning I hope none of this affects you personally?

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @Megan Venturella There has been nothing in this particular thread that is directly affecting us at this point, but we are paying attention to our country's deteriorating situation & govt actions as well as those the world over. It is beyond logical, really, and I believe very evil.

    History is repeating itself as it always does (I've been reading a lot of history lately and parallels are pretty clear). The problem is that this history has come into our modern day. There is a lot that doesn't add up to the thinking mind.

    I've heard over & over that it's narcissistic behavior. I have been learning about that type of behavior because of other life events, and it fits the definition very well.

    People are actively resisting. I can't imagine the anguish. I think most people would resist if put in that position. I don't doubt that those resisting are being vilified.

    I posted the story here because it affects food, potentially self-sufficiency, and farming. It is always wise/prudent to be well read, search out truth on any matters as well, ask intelligent questions of & assess whatever you see, read, or hear, and be/remain well informed. That includes reading things even if you don't agree with it if only to better understand a situation from all angles, opinions and worldviews.

    I don't want to be caught unaware, so I keep reading & observing.

    I think if any of us are to discuss this further as things continue, we will have to take this into PM form.

  • Cornelius
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    This is definitely alarming. Also without the nitrogen fertilizer farms can't produce enough food based on current practices. I believe it limits it to 70% of the current output.

    I'm not sure if this violates the rules so if it does please remove the bottom half of my comment.

    This also reminds me of Matthew 24: "Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places."

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    @LaurieLovesLearning I just wanted to say thanks for posting about this. I have been so busy working in the garden, this is our biggest growing season, that I had not been reading much world news. It amazes me how many edible plants we have around us, that no one takes advantage of.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @gardneto76 So very true. It is good incentive to keep learning about each plant growing around you.

  • jowitt.europe
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    Well, Netherlands is a very small country with a very high density of population. They grow not only vegetables. Lots of flowers. Especially the bulb ones. The soil is overused and over-fertilised. Not speaking of pesticides and herbicides. It is not only dangerous for the earth, soil, but very dangerous for people. They are breathing and eating already who know what. Our shops (in Austria) are full of tomatoes, apples from the Netherlands. The flower shops are like monopoly. My opinion is that there should be some limitations to overusing all these plants enhancing and protecting stuff. In my opinion it is right what the government plans to do. Someone has to set limits to overuse and overproduction. There is no lack of products. There is a mismanagement of distribution of products. So much is being thrown away every day. Tons and tons. If there were real fines for throwing away, there will be strategies to transferring overproduction to underproducing areas or returning land to regenerate, rest.

    i also believe in small farms, in sustainable production. It is possible when big farm monopoly comes to an end. And, of course, such products should cost more. When people eat quality products, they need less. It is cheap junk food that thrives people to eating non stop.

    well, I got carried away… I am sure that nobody in the Netherlands will starve because of that. It is a very rich and well organised country. If they do this step, I am sure it is a well analysed step.

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