Are concrete blocks safe to use for raised garden beds?

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Will the concrete leech into the soil from the concrete blocks? Thanks for your help. 😊


  • Torey
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    This subject has come up before. Not all concrete blocks are the same. Concrete block are made from cement and an aggregate such as sand or gravel. Cinder blocks are made from cement and fly ash. They are a lighter weight product (so cheaper) but more easily broken than concrete blocks. Depending on where the fly ash comes from, cinder blocks may have some toxicity that could leech into the garden.

  • 2havana2
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    Thanks for your help.

  • jowitt.europe
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    @2havana2 I am not a concrete fan as I think that it pollutes nature too much. Here it is more and more popular to use gabion baskets with stones for high beds. The disadvantage - they are expensive. If one has stones round, one can fill gabion baskets with stones oneself. We prefer wooden high beds, but they are not that long lasting. Wood prices are going up, so we might have to start looking for the alternatives.

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    I was hoping to find the concrete corner blocks for raised gardens that I saw in one of the Food seminar videos the other day. Hopefully they are not toxic.