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Years ago, at a different location, my husband built me a raised bed with a removable high cover made of chicken wire attached to a frame of PVC, which worked very well, to keep squirrels and wild critters out of my garden. The problem was that it wasn't really high enough to allow enough growing room for the tall vegetables to grow. There are a lot of deer living close by. I grew cherry tomatoes and collard greens a few summers ago and the deer never bothered them. Do I need to wait and see which vegetables deer like to eat? Also, I have a few growing pots sitting outside, with only dirt in them because the tomato plants died and I removed them. The squirrels keep getting in there and digging the dirt out. Do you have any suggestions as to how to deter or control the squirrels from getting in and digging up my garden? Many thanks. 😊

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    @2havana2 welcome to the network! I am sure you will find many answers here. There are so many experienced and hobby gardeners. I am a hobby gardener. As far as I know nightshade plants like tomatoes, pepper, aubergines are of no interest to deers. Most probably also to squirrels. These plants are poisonous for them. I have my kitchen garden in high beds which I can protect. May be you could plant in your protected raised bed only those plants which are attractive to wild animals and the rest outside the frame. We have almost no squirrels. When one comes to the bird feeding place, we are happy to see it. I live in the Austrian alps.

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    @2havana2 welcome! I regularly have problems with squirrels and occasionally with deer. The only thing that I have found to be completely affective is good fencing. I can not fence everything so I try other things. One thing that helps me with the squirrels is a perimeter of spent coffee grounds around the growing area. They need to be replaced every few weeks depending on the weather.


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    @2havana2 Many of us have dealt with invading critters of all sizes. If you use the search bar and type in deer + garden you will get a number of results.

    When you have a chance, drop over to the Introductions section and let us know where you are from. There may be others in your area that have had region specific advice.

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    Will do. Thanks.

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    Many thanks for your suggestions.

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    I personally have used cayenne pepper powder as it is spicy for all mammals. Reapply after rain.

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    I am having problems with possibly a pocket gopher tunneling under the grassy area that I intend to turn into a raised garden. I will definitely try the spent coffee grounds.