Remineralizing teeth: hydroxyapatite

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I was just reading that naturally occurring hydroxyapatite is what makes up about 90% of your teeth. Dental research determined that its use in toothpaste (very expensive!) will rebuild enamel & reduce cavities.

I also found it in capsule supplement form.

Now, I found it in powdered form to add to diy toothpowders. This interests me most. It is something that can be used continuously unlike horsetail, although some toothpastes have a form of this as well as hydrated silica added. The site explains more about the powder, which is not in nano form, but is still tiny.

I have issues with nano particles of anything after reading many years ago about how they can change DNA. I read this bit of information while researching nano particle (micro ionized) sulfur for use on birds. I decided against it, by the way...just not safe. I appreciate that this powder is not nano-sized.

This site has a link to a diy tooth powder too. That was interesting and full of information as well and why they recommend certain ingredients. Their essential oil blend that they recommend has cinnamon leaf oil, peppermint & spearmint oils, myrrh, and...I already forgot. Haha

I can't buy it here but shipping to Canada is reasonable.

Anyway, I thought this may be of interest to some of you. It certainly is of interest to me to test it out.