Homeopathic versus prescriptions

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Believe it or not I have two friends who are taking more than 40 medications every day. They are on state provided (Medicaid). That is ridiculous so I am trying to get people onto Rhus Tox for their pain instead of prescription medicines. It kills my pain (hip) (head) or whatever quickly.

Is this realistic do you think? Or another one I suggest is Arnica Tablets for pain. Pain relief is so fast. I personally know that prescription drugs take a long time to help.


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    Wow!! That's a lot of medicine! A friend of mine was taking 7 and is now down to 1. She's worked really hard to make changes and to add vitamins and supplements. She says she's feeling so much better because she thinks all of the meds were interacting with each other and giving her other issues. All of her pain is gone now. I've told her about homeopathy, but she hasn't gotten into it yet.

    I have both Rhus Tox and Arnica and we use them when needed. I'm not sure someone taking that much medication could just stop taking it. They'd have to work their way off of it like my friend did one at a time. They'd have to have an open mind and find a natural doctor of some kind like my friend found. She has read so many books that got her thinking about changing her diet, exercise habits, etc in order to get off her all those meds.

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    @kbmbillups1 that is what I did too. I have weaned myself off medicines and other awful things and I am taking one med for my eyes. I figured out what was causing flares in my hands and stopped doing those things and I haven't had a flare since January 2019.

    These two friends won't go off their meds and they have no desire to do so. I have tried to have them talk to their doctors about their meds but they are certain that they need them all. By the way the cost is free for them. It is the taxpayers who are paying for there meds.

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    @dipat2005 I'm glad you have found so much relief from using homeopathy.

    Unfortunately, it is the old saying, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink".

    Some people are content with taking lots of meds, regardless of the side effects they may be causing. People can be very afraid of coming off meds, remembering what their pain levels or discomfort was like before the meds. They may also be afraid of the remedies not working. That can be an issue cause homeopathy is quite individualized. What works for one may not work for another so people can be discouraged and think that it is homeopathy in general that doesn't work, instead of trying another remedy that might be better suited to them.

    All I say to people now is "I have a remedy for that". If they inquire, I'll try to assist them. But if they don't respond, I certainly don't push the issue. Although, most people are quite intrigued when they find out that neither my husband or I take any conventional medications at our ages.

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    @dipat2005 it does seem amazing in this day & age, that a lot of people go to their doctor & expect a pill for an ill, without exploring other options. Doctors are far to reliable at dispensing meds to their believers. Things like diet & exercise are so easy to implement into your lifestyle & by adding homeopathy, natural medicines etc, well that sets you up for growing old gracefully. Unfortunately some are lazy or just don’t want to know.

    Do you take Rhus Tox on a daily basis or only when required & what potency please? Is your pain arthritis related?

    Like @torey mentions, “you can lead a horse to water” etc. Try as I might, my family take no notice of my lifestyle choices. I’ve pleaded with them about statins, pain killers, sleepers etc to no avail. They think they eat healthy, they don’t. Too much sugar, pre-packaged foods, fried foods & not enough exercise.

    I like to encourage a conversation about alternative options & if there’s interest, I go on & if it’s met with some resistance, I say no more. Like Torey, I take no conventional medications & even that won’t convince people, if their not prepared to listen with an open mind.

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    @JodieDownUnderI only take Rhus tox when I am in severe pain and not every day.

    Is there anything stronger for pain out there? One of friends had a steel rod put in her leg for a broken femur. I can understand the pain for that break and the rod is quite severe.

    One of the ladies didn't take the last Vaccine. She has too many problems and won't listen to me.

    Another one of friends got a call from me and it turns out she strained her groin and is going to the Dr to get pain pills today. She wouldn't listen either. They are old school.

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    @dipat2005 Symphytum might be a choice to consider for bone pain. If she is open to homeopathy, of course. Its not stronger but more suited to that type of bone pain.

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    @torey thank you! I have bone pain too and since I fell again yesterday on my L hip (the partial replacement) I will use that to help. Yes, she has bone pain!