FDA Declares Homeopathy Illegal

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This is terrible!! The article says they probably won't get rid of all homeopathy right away because people would notice. It says they'll probably do it slowly like they did compound medicines.

After you read the article if you want at the bottom send your thoughts to your elected officials in the US.



  • Torey
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    The powers that be, including the FDA, have been after homeopathy for years. Homeopathy frightens Big Pharma. Mostly about loss of their astronomical profit margins.

    Not so in other countries. Here in Canada, homeopathy is starting to be included in health care plans; Ontario was the first to have a regulatory body established. Britain has 400 doctors who practice homeopathy and 1500 other homeopathic practitioners. The royal family consults a homeopath on a regular basis. Homeopathy is included as one of the services covered by the National Health Service. 40 out of 42 EU countries have actively practising doctors. Germany alone has 28 hospitals that include homeopathic practices. India has over 200,000 registered homeopathic doctors along with many homeopathic hospitals.

    Come on, American officials. Get on board with the rest of the world!

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