Free Workshops from the Outdoor Learning Store (Jan-Mar 2023)

Torey Posts: 5,396 admin

The Outdoor Learning Store is a business that provides resources, learning tools and equipment to schools and organizations but also sells to individuals.

They are currently offering a series of free workshops to begin in January of 2023. One is on taking math outside. Another is called Dirty Teaching - A Beginner's Guide to Learning Outdoors. Another is on school or community gardens.

Not all of the workshops will be of interest to everyone but there should be something for any parents who are involved in their children's education.

They also sell some pretty cool outdoor toys, tools and educational kits. Things like: a freshwater test kit, a soil test kit, kids garden tools & a compost jar, habitat observation jar, binoculars & hand held magnifiers and lots of books. I've ordered from them and their service is great.