Special purchases or gifts

I am very pleased with my new acquisitions over the past month. With some funds that came my way at this time (some gifted & some from other places) and after some very careful thought, I was able to buy some things I normally would not have been able to.

I usually also buy things for others over myself (my family usually) if there is a situation like this, so it was fun to think through but I still had to give myself permission to buy enjoyable & maybe not so practical things. But I still had to think about what was most important to me as my list is big. So. Hard.

I had to use all this before January, so using it for hatching eggs this month (when most breeders begin their sales) was out of the question...😏 Make no mistake, I already know what eggs I'm after this year & what breeders I'm going with! If I could have paid for those in Dec, I would have. The "addiction" is real, yet my choices are still in line with building my lines...nothing really new. I can't allow my eyes & dreaming to wander too much. Haha

I was able to get two 2 gal. stainless steel milk jugs with lids to add to our 1 gal. collection (a need), some green coffee beans for roasting (split with a daughter), some books (I gave many away as gifts 😏), a tooth enamel rebuilding powder & essential oil blend to see if it works as advertised (a need), the plant family card game (Shanleya's Quest) to enhance the Botany in a Day book & with that card game (it came with a free surprise CD) from Thomas Elpel. I plan to get a 5 mushroom blend and a seaweed blend soon too, but need to wait on that a bit so I can figure out free shipping.

I haven't roasted the green beans yet, not until I'm finished my other coffee beans. I got these as it is not a one & done. I can enjoy it over time. See? Thinking.

The youngest two exclaimed that they really like the new tooth powder (that's good to get positive feedback from kids).

Some of the books have already been read & enjoyed.

We still need to explore the card game, but we already watched the CD. It was excellent! I would highly recommend their game & CDs. (My main reason for this long post 😄).

Did you receive or were able to treat yourself to something special over the past month...or year? What made you excited to finally call your own? Please share. I'd like to know what you have waited for and finally were able to enjoy.

Maybe it will make it onto my long wish list too.