Medicinal Trees: Poplar (Populus)


  • Torey
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    One of my favourites (but I have so many 😂).

    Here in my region of BC we have P. tremuloides and P. trichocarpa. Further north, on the other side of the Rockies, there is P. balsamifera. P. nigra has been widely planted across BC. Further south in BC there are several other varieties that have escaped cultivation.

    One of the great things about making an oil from Poplar buds is that it lasts so long. The constituents of the resin keep the oil from going rancid. I have some oil that is several years old and still smells wonderful. It will act as a preservative in combination salves, too.

    I make a standard tincture as well as a tincture in rubbing alcohol that I use in one of my liniment formulae. So good for so many things.

    Something I learned a few years ago but have never tried. The white powdery substance on the bark of Trembling Aspen can be gathered and used as a starter in sour dough. Not sure how much is required.

    Its an exciting part of spring, when the buds start to swell and get drippy. I've got a new location picked out for this year!

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    I never heard that about the dough starter - I guess it is wild yeast attracted tot he sugars in the sap. I will have to try that. Thanks!