Thyroid & Beneficial Herbals

Through a reference on an unrelated herbal subject presented by Rosalee de la Forêt, I found this two part write up on thyroid, possible causes of thyroid disorders & herbals that are beneficial.

Thyroid issues are a confusing subject to research, so I discovered years ago. There is so much incorrect information out there from conventional medicine, books by whatever types of experts in every type of healing profession, online opinion articles & blogs, etc. It is extremely hard to find straight forward, correct information. It is a mess of a subject, to be sure and those who are desperate for answers are ripe for the picking by those who are ready to take advantage of the patient's fear to conveniently line their own pockets.

I tell people to not trust the lab numbers tests. They are flawed & are just not reliable. You might have an issue and they test normal...or you may not have any issue & they show abnormal. I even wonder about some of the symptoms recited nowadays as they now include things that could indicate anything. It has become a catch all.

I also need to tell people that the conventional drugs for this are not safe as they claim. They caused me & many others many problems, some which require some patients to then take additional drugs. Do not take the conventional medicine for thyroid issues...find alternatives.

I have not looked these articles over very thoroughly at this point. But, what I appreciate is the easy to understand, thorough, and different approach to what I've found in the past.

I am including these articles for your consideration if you are looking for alternatives.


  • Torey
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    This is really important information for anyone who is experiencing any sort of thyroid related issue or even if it is just symptomology resembling thryoid issues. As pointed out in these articles, there could be other reasons for the occurrence of thyroid-like symptoms.

    If you are having thyroid symptoms, don't just take your doc's word for it. Seek out a practitioner who has experience dealing with these types of symptoms and will look at other solutions, rather than just handing out the usual prescriptions.

    Thanks for posting this, Laurie!