Titanium Dioxide & colon cancer

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A study has been done in Mexico (and another done in France) that links this additives to colon cancer. It is a achieving agent & is often used in cake decorations (like those pretty little shiny balls, etc.), some candies such as Skittles* (etc.), some powdered sugars, sunscreen, colorants, and mold inhibitors, lip gloss, soaps, make-up (even natural types), skincare, beauty products, chewing gum, pastries, powdered sugars, and sweetened coffee creamers, to name a few things. You don’t want to breathe it in, eat it nor put it on your skin.

It will change the DNA in cells and will accumulate in some major organs.

We have generally avoided it, but on occasion, I have missed that ingredient. We scan ingredient lists for many additives, so it can happen occasionally.

This additive is banned in the EU, but is considered "safe" in many other industrialized countries. In these countries, colon cancer is also on the rise.

I know we live in a world where pretty much everything causes some sort of disruption to the body or cancer. We can no longer avoid everything dangerous out there, but as long as alternatives exist, it is important to try to do our best to stay informed and try to keep what we consume in whatever way, as natural as we possibly can.

It only takes a minute to check ingredient lists and you get better & faster at it as time goes on. I would have included a link, but it's behind a paywall. I'm sure there are other accessible articles out that will confirm what I read.


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    Titanium dioxide is also in most “natural” sunscreens. I read about the dangers of it being absorbed though your skin and stopped using sunscreen completely after that. I believe I read about liver damage primarily. I had used it nearly daily for at least ten years, so that was pretty disappointing.

    In happier news, I’m more cautious with excessive sun exposure as a result and I don’t think I’ve had a sunburn since!

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    I have found that is is quite common in some natural products.

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    You have to really read labels because it's in A LOT of things.

    Several years ago I started only buying things that only had a few ingredients and I had to be able to pronounce them. Needless to say I stopped buying most things and buying whole foods and making almost everything myself.

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    I usually try to be careful about reading ingredients. It is good to know to be looking out for titanium dioxide. Thanks

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @kbmbillups1 That's how it goes, but you are better off for it and your food tastes better.

    When we first began watching for additives, we were quite surprised to find color in a clear flavoring extract. White, clear...it often still has color in it.

    Then you look at forms of msg. That goes by so many names and is hidden in other ingredients sometimes so as not to have to be listed. I'm sure it is just to keep people from finding out what they are actually using to make it taste better (and be more addictive).

    Often when a product has a label makeover, there are cheaper ingredients newly added as well. It is not generally an indicator of a better product.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning If I remember correctly sugar has 54 names. Probably so they can hide it from people so anyone looking won't realize they're eating sugar. Sadly, you have to educate yourself to have an idea of what you're eating.

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    I used to get only the sunscreen that had the titanium dioxide in it thinking that it was not toxic. I really haven't used sunscreen of any kind in years. I just cover up if I'm going to be exposed for a long time or I'm out on the water.

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    Skittles were supposed to have removed this compound per a promise made by the company years ago. They still have not and skittles have one of the highest concentration compared to other products.

    For organic compounds each part of the name signals its structure. So very similar compounds will have different names. This means that things that function identically in the body can have different names as well (the inverse is also true).

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    One of the best tips I have learned with grocery shopping is only shop the outer edges of the store. If you ever have to go into the center isles, read the labels very carefully. I am learning this is true of their advertising pages as well. If I cannot pronounce it I don’t want to eat it or put it on my skin. I will check all of my sunscreen for Titanium Dioxide at home. We rarely use it, but that is pretty scary.