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Marjory Wildcraft
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I am going to speaking at this event and recently got a notice there are looking for work/trade volunteers.

And yes, for those of you shoveling snow right now... this is in sunny and warm Mexico.

I've never been before but a gathering a anarchists just sounds like too much fun!

Here are the deets.

We’re opening 15 additional volunteer positions, where you get to trade your time in exchange for most of the cost of your Anarchapulco ticket.

Here are 4 reasons why volunteering for Anarchapulco is an amazing way to spend your February:

1. You get to meet other amazing freedom-lovers

Last year, we noticed something: our Anarchapulco volunteers were next level awesome.

Seriously, it was uncanny: everyone who volunteered was interesting, dynamic, freedom-loving and razor-sharp.

And if you’ve already got your ticket and don’t want to volunteer: spend some time hanging with the volunteer crew! You won’t regret it.

2. It’s a great way to make friends

Take it from us: there’s no better way to make friends than to build something together. And when you volunteer, you get to work with like-minded people on building something amazing: Anarchapulco.

If you’re coming to Anarchapulco to make connections (it’s our favorite part of Anarchapulco, to be honest), you can’t go wrong volunteering.

3. Be a part of something greater than yourself

By volunteering, you’re putting your labor into the experience, community and phenomenon that is Anarchapulco.

Volunteers see how the conference functions from the backend - and if you have any ambitions to organize events or run your own business, the knowledge you gain is immeasurably valuable.

4. Volunteer tickets come with launch party access, and 3 meals a day.

Last but not least, the perks. When you volunteer for Anarchapulco, you get access to the opening night launch party, attended by our most prominent speakers. You also get 3 delicious catered meals a day.


The basic contract with a volunteer ticket is you offer 25 hours of labor over the course of a week, and pay $300 in exchange for full access to all daytime programming, access to the opening night party, and full catered meals. We only have 15 volunteer tickets available at this time, get yours here.

***ALSO we’re offering special housing just for volunteers! Email [email protected] for more info.


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