Another surgery

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Going back in for a second surgery on my left middle finger on the 23rd. There are adhesions at the scar site which have adhered to a cord, tendon or whatever for the index finger. It is limiting movement for the index finger and making typing difficult as well as some discomfort.

Good news is that since my husband is a volunteer at the food bank I drive for, he is allowed to come with me, help load the vehicle and help with my deliveries. So no chance of losing the job this time.

Any recommendation for use before, during or after the surgery. I know to use Aconitum and Arnica before hand.


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    Best wishes @vickeym

    Glad yo8u could work out an arrangement for your food bank job.

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    @vickeym Arnica afterward as well.

    I am a fan of comfrey on a wound after it has sealed. It offers so very much.

    Clean plantain could be of benefit too, but this is winter and I'm sure you won't be finding any ready to use outside your door.

    There are quite a few herbs that would be great, but since that isn't my area of expertise, and this is surgery...and not on a chicken 😄, I will stop at the recommendations above.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning I have used much of my "human medicine learning" on my chickens.

    I do have plantain infused oil on hand. And I have homeopathic comfrey on my desk waiting. lol

    @Monek Marie Thank you. I am happy as well. I lost over three months last year between the torn meniscus in my knee in springtime and the severed tendon in my hand in Sept. Don't need to lose anymore pay checks.

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    @vickeym Staphysagria is a top homeopathic remedy to have on hand following surgeries. I don't often use combination remedies but I have Helios' pet kit and it has a few in it. The Hypericum-Calendula combo remedy would be a good one in this case. Hypericum for "nerve injury in the extremities" and Calendula to assist with healing and minimize scar tissue. I've used it with pretty good results.

    If you have any calendula blossoms, you could make some tea and use that as a wash, once it has started to heal and there is no sign of infection.

    I hope it heals well for you this time and you have no more issues with it.

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    @torey Thank you for the information. I do have Staphysagria and Hypericum in my kit.

    I have homemade calandula oil but no cream. Might have to make some tomorrow. Will check my herbs and see if I still have calendula flowers on hand. Did not get any from my garden this year. They did great the first two years but did not come back at all last year.

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    Thank you all for your information and suggestions. Had the surgery yesterday. Turned into more than we expected. They took out a LOT of scar tissue, and found that the original surgery which was to reattach the ends of the tendon I severed was a problem. The stiches had pulled through partway and left a gap which filled with what the Dr called Pseudo tendon. A type of scar tissue that is apparently not very strong or stable. And it was well on it's way to failing. So not only removing all the scar tissue but also redoing the original repair in a stronger way.

    Unfortunately all the work he did, has ended up with a whole lot of pain. They did give me a pain killer this time, but at best it takes some of the edge off. Even with the pain meds it is throbbing from finger tips to elbow.

    The bandage includes cast material front and back and the wrap bandages over that which covers the sides. So no movement, although right now even though it is uncomfortable I don't want to move it as that increases the pain.

    Sleep is off and on as there is no comfortable position. May not be online a lot as I work out ways to deal with pain and lack of sleep.

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    @vickeym So sorry that your are having to have a second surgery. I am glad that you have the stress of losing your job gone!

    Good luck with everything!

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    The pain is letting up some. Still hurts, but not as bad. Was in need of pain meds every 4 hours. Was able to skip one dose through the night and again this afternoon. Hoping I can drop any pain meds sooner rather than later.

    Thank you all for your thought and suggestions.

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    Praying for relief from pain and some restful deep sleep. Sorry to hear you had to have a second surgery.🤗