May I introduce myself. Little Man - My Story and my friend Hippie.

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My name is Little Man. I had the fortune to end up living with one who walks on two legs. My mother taught me at a young age that those who walk on two legs, also referred to as humans, could be good or evil and to watch carefully and make them earn your trust. After two months of trying to gain my trust, she succeeded and I named the human, the Gardener. You here at TGN will know her as Monec Marie.

Quite some time ago the Gardener, wrote a story at the forum about my relationship with a rabbit. The rabbit and I are still good friends but being a special needs rabbit, she never learned how to use the litter box correctly, so we have limited time either in a pen or outdoors. I still love the games we play and time sleeping side by side.

The story:

This last year has been difficult. Life was turned upside down and the days of TV with the Elder have come to an end. Cats suffer from change and loss too, so it's been a trying time for all of us.

The Gardeners life has changed dramatically and with that, mine too. She has had to find an additional source of income and times have been tough. But she is stubborn like me and things are falling in place.

With the changes I have had additional responsibilities. She said change is good, so I help more on the homestead and wrote a children's book. Of course, the Gardener helped with the book and together we are working on the illustrations. That's more her department as I have limited artistic abilities. I just approve or reject her artwork.

To earn my keep I help with garden design and implementation and have started to travel with her when she does photography. I am able to attend some of her gardening classes. I was weary about traveling and meeting people but I have spent too much time alone and find this is good.

I have a garden helper named Hippie. She is a polish crested chicken. Her job is composting and garden maintenance. She is very capable and a hard worker. We are also fast friends.

Well, the other day while caring for the small flock, the gardener comes in and is quiet. I don't like that look. In about 20 minutes she goes back out. Something is up.

She returns with Hippie in her arms. Oh joy! Play time! Then the "look" sinks in. My heart sinks, something is wrong with Hippie.

Somehow Hippie has cut her foot. It's not a bad cut but looks deep and with the brutal cold temperatures we have, she is weak and has a possible infection. The Gardener is looking her over and deciding if she can treat the injury herself. Yes, with what she has learned here in the forum and from other chicken owners she feels she can successfully treat Hippie.

Hippie has her own indoor pen, away from everyone. Her foot is being soaked and herbs applied for healing. she has more energy and is eating like a pig. Her walking still needs improvement, but we feel she will make a full recovery, just in time for planting season!

I enjoy my new responsibilities but there is also the responsibility of the crew I take care of and the emotional attachments that come with it.


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    Keep us updated on how Hippie does!

  • VermontCathy
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    Very amusing! I think there is potential here to make a very enjoyable blogging voice.

    One thought: you might try to make the voice sound a little more like the pet, and a little less human, just for entertainment. I found the reference to "additional source of income" a little jarring, as it would be completely outside the animal's experience. I suggest instead saying something like "she had to do more work" or "she had to work far away", which would better fit the way the animal would experience it.

  • Monek Marie
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    @VermontCathy Thanks for the tip. And Little man is going to be a voice in my garden blog I have, along with Hippie.

    His adventures on another site are being turned in to a book. And his vocabulary has been a concern to me. Is it simplified, which works for a children's book or is it a bit more advanced if he is in charge of a garden area? He watches way too many garden seminars with me. ;)

    @Michelle D Hippe is improving. She had a deep puncture in her one foot. I have no idea how she could have got such an injury. This happened about the time we had a horrible cold snap so the swelling by the injury cut off blood to one toe. She may lose that one.

    She is still away from the wild pack and getting a lot more attention.

  • VermontCathy
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    I don't see anything wrong with him having an advanced vocabulary if you are not aiming the writing at children.

    However, I would stick with concepts he could plausibly have learned from his life at home and in the garden.

    Not only does this read more easily and help suspend disbelief that the animal is talking, but your readers are likely to be reading this for fun and enjoyment, and don't want to be reminded about working at jobs for pay while reading.

    As a different example of the same idea, I enjoyed the classic book The Wind in the Willows up until Toad was arrested and went to prison, and that shattered the innocent tone the book had held up until then.

  • Monek Marie
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    The book or books I have planned for children are worded differently. I took a class on how to make the books more enjoyable for children. This was just a fun story put on TGN only.

    Little man is a part of my garden website and there he has an advanced vocabulary as he is part of a working crew :) along with his co-workers.

    He also travels with me while I photograph and shares his adventures.