I have the alternative Denistry CD- How long can I use the prickley pear cactus in my mouth ?

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How long can I use the prickley pear cactus in my mouth ? He doesn't say in the DVD. Been using it for 25 days. It has improved. It's my implant , but I still need it pulled. Just trying to lesson the infection. No pain most of the time. But definitely draining pus.


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    Hi Penny. I looked online and did not find a suitable answer. Have you noticed any side effects? It sounds like it has helped so I am glad for that.

    And welcome to TGN. When you have time introduce yourself and check out our group Guidelines.

    @torey Do you have any suggestions for Prickly Pear and its uses for dentistry?

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    Hi Penny,

    Welcome to TGN's forum. Sorry that your first post is about a painful infection.

    As I am in Canada, I am much less familiar with using prickly pear cactus than herbalists from further south are likely to be. @Marjory Wildcraft or @judsoncarroll4 might be better to speak on this one than me.

    Where are you, Penny? That would give us an indication of what other plants might be available to you right now. Plantain would be one of my go-to's but I don't have access to any right now; under too much snow.

    I would be using myrrh tincture as a rinse in between using a drawing poultice. I would also consider using herbs internally to help fight the infection. Oregon Grape root or Echinacea/Goldenseal tinctures perhaps.

    I'm going to attach a review article on a variety of herbs that can be helpful in dealing with dental issues that might have some other options for you

    This is a link to an article by the Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine with a similar list of plants. It also has a recipe for a mouthwash with myrrh, frankincense and spilanthes.

    I hope you get relief, sooner than later. I know how painful an infection in the mouth can be.

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    I have not used prickly pear for dental purposes. But, I do eat it quite a bit and make wine from the fruit, I would not be concerned about toxicity with long term use. I checked Plants for A Future and they list the only hazard as the spines Search for herb name: "cactus" (naturalmedicinalherbs.net)

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    Thanks for all the info. How do you eat prickly pear cactus leaves? What about the spines? I live just north of Atlanta, GA. Prickly Pare Cactus can grow everywhere as far as I know. Our friends had it in Cleveland, Ohio.

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    Thankfully I am not in pain, Mild pain occasionally. And mild pain when I brush it.