Wilderness Survival site

I found this site while trying to ID my little pine seedlings. There is a lot of information here. Don't just stop with this page.

Here is another:


  • Torey
    Torey Posts: 5,396 admin

    This looks like an awesome site. I've bookmarked it. A perfect place to get lost as we get buried in a heavy snowfall. 16 inches by the end of day if we are to believe the forecast.

    So far I have got into the boiling with stones article and the sorrel soup. Basalt is very common in this area. Easy to find as river or beach stones. A future project. :) Basalt is what I had for one of my sets of stones for hot stone massage. I will be making the sorrel soup this year as I have lots of sorrel, both domestic and wild. Sounds yummy.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @torey Here we have sun and the temperature is moderate (for our winters, anyway). It is supposed to be warmer on the weekend.

    I also bookmarked this site as it is really something our kids could enjoy.

    I contemplated putting these links into the emergency category as these skills can be important in an emergency, but I'd like these skills to be taught to children. That's why they got placed here. @Merin Porter I'm wondering if a Wilderness Survival Skills category should be put in with The Bush: Wild Game & Survival?