Willow Bark as aspirin


  • Torey
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    Good article. As it points out, willow bark pain reliever is pretty easy to make.

    Gotta say, though, that I disagree with her assessment on the taste of willow bark tea. Everyone's tastes are different but to me, willow bark as a tea is one of the most tannic, mouth puckering substance ever! And I like sour, bitter, tannic things. I will even add the tincture to some juice or something else to make it more palatable. If I'm going to recommend willow bark to clients, I will often times tell them to get capsules, just to increase compliance.

    We have so many species of willow here in BC; my plant atlas lists 54 species, but white willow isn't one of them. I use them interchangeably without noticing much difference in medicinal properties. Most will hybridize with each other, making identification difficult without DNA sampling.

  • jowitt.europe
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    I always have it at home- dried willow bark from 2 year old twigs. And meadowsweet (Filipendula). I mix these two for flu, fever … Just in case, although I believe that the best way is when the body fights infection itself. And that is fever.

    If I use it for tea, I grind it, before I pour hot water onto it.

    i have learned in my herbal course, that it takes a more time for this natural “ aspirin” to show the effect. It might take a few hours. But it does not have the side effects of the aspirin.

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @LaurieLovesLearning thanks for posting. It reminded me that I have a white willow tincture in the cupboard & it is “puckering” This article also reminded me of oxymels. @torey do oxymels last as long as tinctures please & what is the correct amounts of vinegar to honey?

  • Monek Marie
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    I use willow all the time. Great article.

  • Torey
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    @JodieDownUnder Acetums (vinegars) and Oxymels don't have the shelf life of tinctures. It could be anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on the ingredients.

    When I make an oxymel, I usually do it 50/50 but if you want it less sweet just add less honey.

  • Cornelius
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    I was growing a willow tree to be able to do this. Unfortunately a deer rutted it the year I put it in the ground 😥

  • Megan Venturella
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    I have dried willow bark in my cupboard that I never use for tea because it’s SO bitter. I’m making the tincture right away! My husband is always asking for an herbal painkiller and I’ve made it so complicated. This will be great.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @Megan Venturella The more I learn about herbs & what they can do for us, the more I'm impressed with how few common herbs & area plants will cover such a vast number of ailments. I'm also impressed that the solution is often very simple and right in our "backyard".

  • nicksamanda11
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    My 9 year old made a willow bark vinegar- I think after reading this thread I will add honey to that to make medicine people will actually take😂

  • shllnzl
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    I made myself the tincture last year and it definitely has pucker power.

  • Michelle D
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    I have been wanting to make a tincture but I have been having trouble getting willow bark. It is on back order from the company I usually order from.

    It is good to have a heads up on the taste. Thanks for the info.

  • water2world
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    Thanks for the great article! {Also the information about its pucker power)