Beeswax pad for cough or even bronchitis

Beeswax pad for cough or even bronchitis

I have tried out beeswax pad for getting rid of the persistent cough after my Covid. As I do have bees myself, I did not buy any ready made beeswax pads. I used my beeswax wrap which I made myself. Before going to bed, I put it on my breast, fixed with a warm woollen scarf and slept through the night. I repeated it twice and the cough was gone. 

I have read that a chest pad with warm beeswax develops an antibiotic and expectorant effect, relieves coughing and pain. And it has a nice scent of beeswax. I love it. 

One can make such a pad easily, by dipping a cotton cloth in liquid beeswax, then spreading it on baking paper and letting it cool down. The pad would warm up on the chest itself, but, if used on a child, it can be warmed with a hair dryer. 

If not used for the night, one can simply cover it with a warmed cherry pillow or with a warm cloth.