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We can't let life get dull now can we?

I have developed a case of vertigo. I have never had it before. I think I know what is causing it. My poor eating habits since mom passed is one. I do plan to go to the ear doctor and therapy but I do not plan on all the tests they want to do.

Has anyone tried alternative methods to deal with this?


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    There are so many things that can be at the root cause of vertigo.

    Poor eating habits could certainly be one of the issues. If we're not getting proper nutrients it could result in all kinds of imbalances.

    It could be an imbalance of fluids in your inner ear. Or a possible ear infection. An ear doc should be able to give a diagnosis on that front.

    Aviva Romm suggests that histamine intolerance might be at the root cause of a variety of symptoms including dizziness and vertigo.

    Hormonal imbalances can also cause vertigo.

    If it has to do with circulation, hawthorn might be something to consider to help support venous and capillary strength. A client has found that to be of assistance. Gingko is also good for the circulatory system and studies have shown positive results in cases of vertigo and tinnitus.

    In TCM, vertigo is considered to be a sign of deficiency. Often a blood deficiency or a deficiency in Qi or energy in the kidneys or liver. Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is a recommended herb for this (and has many other health benefits). Goji berries are suggested by Michael Tierra as being helpful for restoring liver deficiency. Schisandra berries are restorative. If liver stagnation is involved, then some herbs to help support and detoxify the kidneys and liver; dandelion, yellow dock, burdock, etc. A liver tonic made with ACV and those three herbs could be used as a salad dressing base, adding bitter greens to the salad mix.

    There are lots of herbs that could be helpful based on your individual symptoms and what else is going on in your body. Neurotrophorestoratives might be something to consider. Helpful for strengthening nerves that might somehow be involved.

    Nourishing herbal infusions would be a good place to start. They will help with additional minerals for your body and depending on which herbs you use will give you a variety of other benefits. Oatstraw or milky oats will be good for your nervous system and is a good source of minerals. Nettles for liver support and high mineral content. Linden for nerves. Hawthorn (leaf, flower and berry) for circulation. Red clover is hormone balancing. Burdock would be good for the liver. Astragalus adds sweetness and is a great adaptogen. I would follow Susun Weed's instructions and drink a quart of one of these every day or so.

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    I'm pretty sensitive to inner ear fluid and sinus congestion, and often it's not enough to impress the doctors. I've had some luck taking Mucinex or another form of guaifenesin, upping my intake of warm beverages like tea or hot lemonade, and working on the lymph glands in my neck and sinuses. This video is helpful for me. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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    @Monek Marie I'm so sorry you are dealing with this! I'm no expert, but for me, when I deal with vertigo, it is usually because I am dehydrated. I am sure you have probably already considered and discarded this idea, but I thought I would mention it just in case. Best of luck with this! Keep us posted, okay?

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    @Merin Porter I think this is one of the issues. I have been very bad about self-care lately.

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    @Merin Porter and @Monek Marie Bingo!! I was thinking about dehydration. Also if you get up to fast our of a chair or bed. Sometimes back to the basics does it. Try writing down what you are consuming. That alone may help.

    I finally started using a pint glass jar for water and that gives me a better idea what I am drinking for the day!

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    @Monek Marie sorry to hear this. I’ve been reading Medical Medium by Anthony William, he believes that some vertigo is due to Epstein Barr Virus neurotoxins inflaming the vagus nerve. Healing foods he lists to help the body rid itself of EBV are blueberries, celery, sprouts, asparagus, spinach, cilantro, parsley, coconut oil, ginger, garlic, raspberries, kale, sweet potato, lettuce . Herbs & supplements, cats claw, silver hydro soil, zinc, vitB12, lemon balm, licorice root, nettle, elderberry, turmeric.

    Apparently EBV gets misdiagnosed into lots of different scenarios, Lymes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus. I had a blood test about 6 months ago & it did show that I’ve had EBV but don’t have any real symptoms, only tinnitus! Do some research.

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    @Monek Marie Do take care of yourself. I periodically have dizziness and lightheadedness when my heart rhythm is irregular but really never inner ear vertigo. I think that I should look into some of these suggestions for my own situation.

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    I recently experienced several short lived episodes of vertigo and began to analyze what I was doing or eating that was different. I am sure this will come as a surprise to many.

    I recently bought new Apple ear pods pro and had only used them for very short periods of time with no reactions. I then was using them to listen to audio books while doing chores around the house and preparing dinner. The length of time I had been using them increased a lot to a level of 5 or 6 hours a day. I suspected that could be the cause of the vertigo and I was right. I have stopped using them and within 24 hours the vertigo disappeared. Some research does show that in ear devices using wireless connection has produced vertigo and other symptoms. The EMF emitted directly into the ear causes this even though the manufactures will say the EMF levels are very low and of no harm. Don't believe it.

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    Consider learning muscle testing aka dowsing to identify what healing options are for your highest good.

    See the instructional page at

    My list of potential culprits that turn on genetic markers for health challenges include:

    *Lectins agglutinated at receptor sites that compromise metabolic efficiency

    *Parasites, Fungi, Mold

    THE YEAST SYNDROME by John Parks Trowbridge MD was my primer & tenets hold true today.

    Consult re Systemic Candidiasis & it's commensals

    *Environmental Toxins including but not limited to EMFs, heavy metals, chemicals, GMOs, Glyphosates, organophosphates, PCBs, phthalates, et al (only those products compatible w Blood Type)

    ...offers not only detoxifying homeopathics & spagyric botanicals for metals, chemicals, parasites, viruses, bacteria, PTSD, etc but also a drainage formula that targets the mRNA Spike proteins from the V**X, a driver of a constellation of health challenges.

    Their glandulars rebuild organs left porous after the exodus of toxins as well as predatory microbes, parasites, their commensals, mycotoxins, and biofilms (that can make extraction of protozoa, amoeba, etc a stubborn affair.)

    BIG DEAL: Review dental restorations i.e. amalgam fillings, root canals, cavitations, implants for potential toxic loads such as metals, harmful microbial proliferation, radioactive isotopes, etc, respectively.

    * What should be FIRST is to clear PTSD...which clears resistance to self car. But most people resist since programmed to seek oral, topical &other physical solutions first.

    Dowse what's best for you:

    PERELANDRA Flower Essences Protocols


    RIFE Frequencies


    Psychedelics, etc


    DAILY mindfulness practices are essential to cultivate discernment & recognize distraction from self-care intentions: meditation, yoga, eye yoga, chi kung, pelvic floor, cardio & overall strength training, percussive or hand massage, detox baths, skin brushing, etc

    When you pull toxins out, your immune system is increasingly freed up to restore balance by expunging infections and imbalances from what may initially seem to be remote locations.

    My story of miraculous healing of a litany of incurables is too long for this forum.

    Already TMI but chronic challenges are poly-systemic i.e. most problems are not due to one source.

    Take one point of entry then build.

    Just preliminary encouragement...

    Best 2 all!

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    Thanks for the information @greenRITA . And welcome to TGN.

  • Monek Marie
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    When I went to the store today I bought most of the fruits and veggies. I need to improve my eating habits

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    Hello, Monek. I am sorry to hear that your Mother has passed. That is one of the tougher bridges in life that we know we are going to have to cross, and I would guess she was very dear to you. That deep a sadness was very slow to pass for me, and I remember finding myself sitting with my thoughts in a very reflective space for significant periods of time. If you are usually a pretty active person, ;the reduced activity may lower your metabolism and result in a shallower breath, dizziness and unsteadiness on arising.

    My blood pressure is chronically a little low, and after sitting for a long time, I often do a few deep breaths, and if necessary, squats to get my blood moving. If you try this, be sure to stand where you can reach for something to support your weight when you are rising from your squat. And breath deeply. Works great for me!

    For whatever it is worth, late this Fall,both my husband and I noticed that we felt a little dizzy for a few the evenings. We use a wood stove to keep warm, and have a long Winter season. We began to air out our cottage for around half an hour each day before lighting our fire for the night. The dizzinessand feeling of vertigo cleared.

    You may find that, if you are able to take walks outdoors, the fresh air and activity will deepen your breathing. Since what you are experiencing is vertigo, you might want to pause just after you step outdoors, take a few breaths and assess whether your mind and body feel clear enough for a little outdoor activity. Taking a walking stick (I use a ski pole, since our property is hilly and uneven, just in case.) If you are dizzy, sitting briefly where you are secure and safe would be a practical first phase. Just being out of doors is grounding and can help clear a little unsteadiness.

    Walking on the Earth is also grounding and may help you balance the sense of loneliness and loss of connection you may feel as you explore a letting go and finding a different balance and connection with the greater Mother that is with us in our Earth and farther world.

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    @Sandy Forest I have wondered about the air quality and its effect on me. The house has been sealed up and I know the air is stale

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    @Monek Marie WOW, Your post sure created a spark of interest and I enjoyed reading all of the responses!

    Sorry to hear about your Mother and I am sure you will find a great solution from all of the posts. Good luck!!!

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    Welcome to TGN's forum and @greenRITA.

    When you have a chance check out the Introductions section and let us know where you are from.

    Excellent point about ear buds

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    Very interesting points @greenRITA and something very new to me although I am skeptical about whatever wireless, but I will even more careful. Welcome to the network!

    thank you @torey for more information about vertigo and the causes

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    Appreciate ur positive feedback!!

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    There are two kinds of vertigo, but there is a simple solution to solve it. My husband had it 2 years ago and we solved it in 2 days. Here is the youtube video that explains how to do it (it is called the Epley maneuver):

    Here is another video:

    Hope this helps. I did the maneuver for my husband. After doing the maneuver, it will take a bit of time to sort of settle everything but the next day he was back to normal as if nothing has happened.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Often the solution is simple. We just tend to naturally overcomplicate things.

    Having earbuds in the ear will block so many other sounds and does alter perception, and that in itself can result in odd things. I have heard of issues with earplugs, even, when used extensively.

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    Thanks for the videos. the vertigo is much better. I still have a little when I first lay down. Much better than all day and any fast moves.

    @LaurieLovesLearning My ears checked out ok but it was interesting to hear about ear buds.

    I'll watch these and see if it helps.

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    I came across this post today which gives a solution to a type of vertigo that happens when you are in bed & roll over. It is a type that occurs more often as people age.