Seed Up Saturday 2023!

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A quote from their email...

"we’ll show how to get seeds once - and eat that food for life!

Over the past few years we’ve all seen first-hand how vulnerable our food system is, and we are at risk again in the very near future.

Thankfully, the answer is quite simple… and it’s worked for thousands of years.

In our signature free online event, Seed Up Saturday, you’ll see how to support and protect your food supply through saving seeds.

Here’s a quick glimpse of what we’ll be covering:

• Local Seeds For Local Food •

See how to get local seeds so you can grow local food

(hint: it’s not what you’d expect).

• Seed Saving 101: How To Start Saving Seeds •

Get the basics on seed saving so you can start doing it yourself,

even if you’ve never done so before.

• How To Choose The Right Seeds •

Open pollinated? Hybrid? GMO? Heirloom? Truth is, the seeds that are right for your survival garden aren't as obvious as it seems. You’ll come away knowing the best seeds for you.

• Seed Saving Myths •

There are a lot of misconceptions about seed saving out there. We’re going to set the record straight so you can see it’s easier than you think.

• How To Store Seeds •

See how to preserve seeds so they’ll keep for decades.

When you know how to do this right, you’ll have seeds forever.

Attending this event is the best way to secure your food supply.

Seed Up Saturday airs February 25th, and there’s a replay if you can’t make it live."