Attracting toads to the garden

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We have a healthy toad population in our yard, and often find them in the grass when mowing. We are careful not to harm them.

However, I seldom see them in the garden, where I would really like for them to hang out. While the garden is fenced, I expect toads are small enough to pass through the chicken wire around it. I'd like them to eat some of the annoying insects that can damage the garden.

What do you suggest would attract them?

One thing I have considered is "toad abodes", such as inverted plastic flower pots with a large notch cut in the side to let the toad through.

Are there plants that would attract them?


  • Torey
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    I have seen "toad abodes" in speciality garden centres. But the ones I have seen are made of clay. And painted to add to the price. :) Not sure if the toads appreciate the exterior decorating or not. :)

    I would think that any of the larger leaved plants that offer shade and hiding spots would be good ones. Hostas.

    Maybe a water feature?

  • VermontCathy
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    @torey I've seen those too, and that's what gave me the idea. But they are clearly designed to appeal to humans more than toads. :-)

    A water feature would be well beyond the scope of my little backyard garden. Perhaps something small could be put in the flower garden behind the vegetable garden.

    Larger-leaved plants might be a bit challenging from a space point of view, but I'll think about it. Perhaps something like collards which would double as an edible?

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    I cover my small cucumbers with terra cotta pots when they are just coming up at night to prevent anything from snipping them off. One year I left one behind and it fell on its side. I was going to pick it up I I realized a toad had moved in and made it his home. He stayed in my garden all season long. I tried not to disturb him, and he would watch me garden.

    I have since then kept a terra cotta pot, turned on its side in my garden and its usually has a toad in it before long.

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    @VermontCathy I have no idea, but love what happened with @ Monek Marie!

    Good link @Linda Bittle !

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    I broke hunk out of a terra cotta pot a few months ago and put it in one of my garden beds in hopes of having a toad move in when it gets warmer. We find them on our front porch and driveway a lot during the summer. I always take them to my garden beds hoping they'll move in for the bug buffet. 😀