Northern Lights Feb. 27&28, 2023

There is northern lights out now and tomorrow evening. We missed yesterday's.

There's an extra bonus tonight & tomorrow evening. Jupiter & Venus are very bright together on the western horizon. Tomorrow they will appear only a finger width apart.

Planets are usually very bright, do not twinkle, and don't move quickly like a satellite would.


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Hmm. I needed to bump this because I did a makeover of a past post to reflect tonights event! 😆 I hope some of you get to see it all.

  • kbmbillups1
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    I just saw a clip of the Northern Lights on Telegram. It was beautiful!

  • marjstratton
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    I've seen Northern lights once in my life. It was many years ago. Don't think it will be clear enough here to see them this time.

  • Torey
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    They were brilliant here on Sunday night (26th) but I didn't get to see them. :( We were in bed much too early. But lots of pics from those who did see them. I heard they were very active, dancing across the sky.

    No chance last night as it was cloudy. Hubby looked when he got up during the night.

    Maybe we'll get lucky tonight but its cloudy this morning and that is the forecast for the rest of the day.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
    LaurieLovesLearning Posts: 7,210 admin

    Treats everywhere! Yesterday, I saw some northern lights, Jupiter & Venus...and Mars! I wondered about that little "star" thinking it was somehow in an odd place right next to the moon.

    Today, it's a bit more hazy & the planets have moved. The larger two aren't as bright (it was like two super bright flashlights!) and I am not sure where Mars is tonight. It is the size of a few stars around the moon.

    But, thanks to the light haze, there is a beautiful, complete ring around the moon. I couldn't get a picture of the full circle because neither of my cameras seem good enough, so these will have to do.

    My favorite is the top one even though there is less of the ring showing. It is more representative of what the eye sees. The ring is massive.

  • marjstratton
    marjstratton Posts: 1,131 ✭✭✭✭

    I looked before I went to bed but didn't see the aurora. The moon was out and only slightly hazy. I got up a couple of times during the night but by that time it was cloudy. Woke up in the morning to snow.

  • jowitt.europe
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    I envy so much the ones who could see it. There are beautiful pictures from UK, Lithuania… Incredible, that it could be seen in these countries.

    So far I have not seen any live. We did go to Iceland last January hoping to see some. None. We plan to return to Iceland in 2025. The magnetic field of the sun is supposed to be high in 2025.

  • VermontCathy
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    Our northern members are lucky to see this. You might think Vermont is far enough north to support aurora, but they are rare here. The fact that we live south of town makes it much harder, since our northern horizon has bright glare from the small, but nearby town.

    I have seen aurora twice in my life. One was from a jetliner somewhere near Chicago, when the pilot broke in on the PA to tell us to look out the left window of the plane to see it. The other was in the suburbs of Minneapolis, when a very bright aurora covered much of the northern sky up to the zenith overhead.

  • Torey
    Torey Posts: 5,396 admin

    No viewing for me last night. We got our hopes up at dusk as the sky cleared completely. But by the time it was full dark, it had clouded over again.

    Very cool to see the planets so clearly @LaurieLovesLearning.

  • vickeym
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    The lights have been spectacular the last few nights. Hoping to have more tonight and this week. Possibility of clear skies through the next ten days.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
    LaurieLovesLearning Posts: 7,210 admin

    I didn't see any last night. I do envy your ability to have a front row seat!

    I will keep watching to see if any more reach our area.