Ernest Hancock of Freedoms Phoenix interviews Marjory Wildcraft

Marjory Wildcraft
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Ernie of Freedoms Phoenix did an interview with me last night and it is available here.

You have to download the .mp3 file to listen to it - especially as we discuss topics that would get us banned off of all social media and probably the internet 🙃

Ernie is very rough around the edges and it was fun engaging him. He totally gets it, and as he says "it's a food thing folks"

Please note that TGN is a safe neutral place where we just focus on practical solutions like growing food and making medicine. We are non-political, non-denominational, and non-dietary focused. Honestly if Monsanto employees wanted to learn to grow their own food I would be happy to help them.

So I only speak frankly about what I see and how I personally feel about world events on other platforms. But everything is getting stranger and stranger by the minute and things are coming apart at the seams (for those of you who can see it).

I so appreciate this community.


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