Preventing Carotid artery disease

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Preventing Carotid artery disease

I’ve read an interesting short article (Natur&Heilen 2/2023) about natural measures for carotid artery’s blockage. It is in German, thus I am just sharing what interested me in the article and what I have included in my daily prevention measures.

The interesting aspect is that carotid artery blockage can be caused by Covid or by vaccination against Covid. Apart from, of course, unhealthy food, stress, silent inflammations, etc. 

As I believe in prevention rather than healing and the ingredients are natural, I immediately made a mixture: 5 organic lemons with the peel + 30 cloves of peeled garlic. Blend with a mixer, add 500-800 ml of hot water (I would not add boiling water not to destroy Vitamin C) and take one spoon per day before midday meal. 

Mine is already ready and I tasted it. Lemon dominates. One does not feel garlic, although it leaves an aftertaste. I do like garlic so it is fine for me.

The other measures suggested in the article are: turmeric, boswellia, extract of grape seeds, pomegranates, fish oil…

Well I start with this lemon/garlic mixture. Fresh turmeric we eat every day anyway….

This is how it looks like 😊