Totally off topic: Is the Super Bowl Rigged?

Marjory Wildcraft
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OK, I decided I need to watch the Super Bowl this year. And I was in Miami with a bunch of my family - and especially my brother in law and nephews - who are all football devotees. So I figured this was the best time to connect with them and check in on this American spectacle.

The chicken wings, the guacamole, the comradeship.. My nephew Ronnie is amazing at grillology. Is that a thing? grillology? Anyway, Ronnie's cooking is fantastic.

But I started watching the game with new eyes. A decade or more older since I had seen a game, and hopefully wiser. Having had so many veils ripped from my eyes, so many illusions shattered, so many red pills... I saw the game in a new light.

I am also experimenting with this newer Web 3.0 video delivery platform called Theta is a completely decentralized content delivery and economic system where your videos can't be removed when they don't fit someone's preferred narrative. Gamers use it a lot for streaming (good grief, people like to watch other people playing games??? seriously... these people definitely are clueless about what is going on or they would be prepping franticly like the rest of us LOL)

One thing I like about Theta TV is that it isn't nearly as inflammatory as some of the other alternatives (such as Brighteon).

NASA has a channel there. And so do I. I am exploring using this platform to have a channel where I can express things outside of the scope of TGN. And possibly a platform that TGN might move to.

And this video, @LaurieLovesLearning , I promise is benign. Although it might be heartbreaking for those of you who love football.

But as a kid, if my parents were going to give me presents - heck yeah, I believed in Santa Claus. It was still fun even though I knew the truth.