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Does anyone know of a kind of tomato I can grow that is less acidic. I know the yellow ones are but I am looking for a red variety that would be less acidic and good for canning.


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    Its not all about the variety. Ripeness can affect the acidity and the sugar content of some varieties masks the acidity. Here is a link to an article on the acidity of tomatoes with a chart that has the pH of different tomato varieties.

    When you have a chance check out our Introductions section and let us know what part of the world you are from. You may be able to find more regional varieties or information from members in your general area.

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    Actually, for canning, it would be better for your tomatoes to be acidic.

    If you can tomatoes that are naturally low acid, you are going to have to add acid anyway in the form of lemon juice (or possibly vinegar) for canning. In water bath canning, acidity is safety, because botulism spores cannot grow in acid media. So the resulting canned tomatoes or tomato sauce must be acid.

    On the other hand, if you are going to eat them fresh, frozen, or dehydrated, then a low-acid tomato may be desirable.

    Here's an interesting list of low-acid tomato varieties from a growing site. I can confirm from my own experience that Sungolds are sweet and not acid, and Amish Paste have very little flavor at all (certainly not acid). I haven't tried the others.

    • Amish Paste
    • Artisan Blush
    • Cream Sausage
    • Roma
    • San Marzano
    • Oxheart
    • Black Oxheart
    • Albenga Oxheart
    • Andiamo F1
    • Sun Gold, (F1)
    • Supersweet 100, (F1)
    • Big Rainbow
    • Jet Star, (F1)
    • Ponderosa Pink
    • Pink Girl, (F1)
    • Moneymaker
    • Great White
    • Amana Orange
    • Sweet Million, (F1)

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    Thanks for all the information!

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    @monique278 Thanks for asking your question! Appears that you received a lot of information, which I will also make use of!