Any Gardeners in Zone 4 (9,500 feet up)?

Heard Marjory on “Coast to Coast” tonight and got so excited to join the forum!

I won’t say I’m an experienced gardener but I’ve had great success every time I’ve tried! We just build a geodome here on the peaks of the Rocky’s. Our last frost to first frost is typically 60-90 days 🤣 but the geodome should extend that significantly.

Just wondering if there’s any Zone 4 folks here!? I’d love to hear your stories, your successes and failures! We’ve raised chickens before but I’d love to hear what other cold zoners are raising as we’re settled and ready!

thanks again for having this space!


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Welcome @kaitlinrose.b! It looks like you've had beautiful successes.

    I'd love to have any type of greenhouse, but that is not a possibility right now for me. Other things are coming first. One day...We are moving forward, at least!

    I am in zone 3b on the Canadian Prairies. I'm not in a super flat area, but it certainly isn't mountainous!

    You may notice that I moved your discussion to a new category. This keeps the Introductions space less cluttered and lends to discussions being elsewhere & being easy to find intead of just getting lost. I think you'll get more views in this category as well.

    I hope you enjoy your time here. There is a vast wealth of knowledge and wisdom all throughout the forum. Have fun connecting with others & learning with us!

  • Torey
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    Hi @kaitlinrose.b. Welcome to TGN.

    I'm in zone 3b/4a in Central BC. I can't imagine a garden at 9500 feet and still zone 4! 9500 feet here would be zone 0, likely under a permanent snow pack or glacier. :)

    I have a small greenhouse but I can't use it in the winter. There is another family in the area that has a geodesic dome greenhouse that works well for them. They use it in the winter, too, but I think it might be connected to the main house by a tunnel cover. You have done very well with yours. Lovely looking produce!

  • judsoncarroll4
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    I have been wanting to build a dome like that since I bought a Buckminster Fuller book at age 15! I live in zone 5, around 5,000 ft up... not quite as cold overall, but still pretty harsh in the winter - lots of 50-70 mph winds and ice.