Eye drops recall, March 2023

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Hey everyone, very critical info you all should know:

I just saw this from a you tuber, video, lots of info and it's not good at all. I don't know yet when this was first noticed, some places pulled off shelf..but enough info here to get you started clarifying info, and the resources below. Must make sure all your family and friends know about this.

I hope you are all doing well. I have missed you all immensely.



  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Ouch! thanks for posting

  • Torey
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    Thanks for posting @silvertipgrizz. I had heard something about this on the news.

    It was recommended that my husband have lubricating eye drops when he had his cataract surgery (my eye doc didn't suggest it when I had mine done). I had a really hard time finding eye drops that were just saline. Almost all had some sort of chemical and/or preservative, including polyethylene glycol (which is a laxative for those who don't know). Don't want that in my eyes! Or hubbies!

    There are several other treatments that could be used instead of commercial eye drops. Often, all that is required is a simple warm compress. However, its not as quick as a squirt or two in each eye. Similar to taking a pill instead of making a cup of tea, we humans are a lazy bunch and want the quick fix. Taking a few minutes for oneself is medicine in itself.

    Your presence was missed, silvertipgrizz. Hope everything is OK.

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    I had heard something about this in the news also. I have been trying to do some extra research on it for my mother. She sometimes needs lubricating drops. This has scared her a lot.

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    I saw that somewhere, I think on Nextdoor. That is really terrible.