Experiment with structured water on peas - amazing!

OK, so I attended a workshop with Dr. Andrew Kaufman all about water. Really interesting.. And I've been reading Pollacks book on "The Forth Phase of Water". The book is way deep on chemistry so I've sort of skimmed it... But after the results below, I am going to go back and really dive into the details.

So i'm in this water thing right now.

I purchased this wand that supposedly 'structures' water just by stirring the wand in my mason jar of water.

Very cool looking isn't it?

The sealed clear tube part is made of a very thin crystal which can break easily.

Anyway, I thought I would test this out.

Does it really do anything?

So I did a super quick (and crude!) test using two handfulls of black eyed peas from the pantry.

I used regular tap water filterd by a Berkey for both sets of peas. One was a control and the other I took the addition step of stirring the water wand in the water to structure it. For a quart of water I stirred for the recommended 35 seconds.

The difference started to show up within 12 hours. It was very noticable how much more plump and viable the structured water seeds were.

And here is a photo are the seeds after about the third day.

Did I warn you this is a crude experiment? LOL I couldn't find a nice balck background to feature the roots, so I used a piece of cardboard.

The control group "R" had a 68.3% germination rate.

The structured water group "S" had a whopping 82.6% germination rate! And look at the lengths of the radicles (the new roots).

I'm going to be doing more of this... and I am definitely drinking structured water from now on. :)


  • Torey
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    Please keep us updated on this, @Marjory Wildcraft. I'm interested to see what other experiments you might run with this.

    Pretty pricey, though.

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    I've heard of structured water but haven't looked into it yet. Thats very interesting!

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    So someone has to ask this...what is structured water?

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    @Marjory Wildcraft Where can I find one?

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    This is very interesting to me. I have not heard of this before. Where can I find more info?

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    Hi @LaurieLovesLearning "structured water" has a few other names. In Pollacks book he calls it the '4th phase of water". We all know water to be solid (ice), liquid, or gas (steam or vapor). The 4th phase or structured water is liquid water that has a crystiline like structure. It is still fluid, but super organized.

    I'm still leanring more myself.

    I know that first experiment was crude... ha, ha who uses a cardboard box for a backdrop? But I was very surprised at the difference betweent eh control and the structured water seedlings.

    I just ordered a device that can produce larger quantities of structured water and swirling that wand around isn't the most interesting thing you can do each day :). I'm happy to do it for my personal drinking, but for larger experiments, I need more flow.

    I was so excited to see these results. As I open to new information I'm leanring just how much humanity has been supressed. I believe there are many more exciting simple things we can discover.

    Lots more to come.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    @heirlooms777 and @Michelle D

    here is the analemma website with more info and how to order a wand for yourself.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    they have some very intereting claims which I didn't really believe... but after seeing those seeds, I am very impressed.

    Hmm, it looks like you can download Pollcks book in .pdf form for free here? Nope, but I got the TOC and some details here. I purchased the book on Audible.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    I have way more questions than awnsers at thsi point!

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    @Marjory Wildcraft I am definitely impressed as well as having my curiosity peaked! I will have to check this out---please keep us updated as far as any new experiments/results! Thanks for posting this.

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    I just watched a portion of a video that I happened across today where the guy (Dr. Khadar) being interviewed said dip a copper plate in the water for 8 to 10 hours to restructure the water and clean the plate afterward. That doesn't sound expensive.

    He was talking about salts & polarity & clean water, running not stagnant water to drink...or copper to restructure it.

    I have to admit that I'm skeptical about this idea. How long has this idea been promoted in recent years or months? Who are its main proponents? What is the claim actually based on?

    Obviously some are trying to make lots of money with the idea too.

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    Is it certain that "structure" of the water is what makes the difference, rather than some chemistry due to some of the rod or jar dissolving in the water in trace amounts?

    Also, stirring could increase the amount of oxygen and CO2 dissolved in the water, which could aid growth.

    It seems to me that there are several factors that could affect plant growth in this experiment without being related to "structure".

    Some decades ago, there was a claimed discovery of "polywater", water in narrow tubes such as capillaries. The characteristics of polywater were somewhat different from normal pure water, and there was speculation that the effect occurred in narrow plant tubes and aided growth.

    It ultimately turned out that "polywater" was just water that had dissolved traces of glass from the narrow laboratory tubes, and that was enough to account for the change in properties.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    @VermontCathy Pollack talks about the debacle of "polywater" in his book. A combinaiton of news sensationalism and bad science which set back research on water for decades.

    I don't see that anything can physically transfer from they crystal tube to the water. And analemma, the manufacturer, claims the wand will last forever if not broken. It is filled with what they are calling 'mother water".

    In Pollacks book he discusses that structured water has a net negative electrical charge... the liquid structured lattice pushing out protons into the surrounding area. Ugh, and here we go beyond my chemistry knowledge.

    But my assumption is the "mother water" is working via electro or magnetic principles to affect the surrounding water.

    Just stirring water would not add that much oxygen or cause that significant of a change in germination rates.

    I completely agree on skepticism. So the difference in the seed germination and growth rates astounded me.

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    The experiment you did is amazing. I'm familiar with structured water but not using a "mother water" . I have a hand held water device you pour tap water through and it works by creating a vortex. I have a six stage water filter for drinking water and when I use the device to fill the container the water filters faster and the filter lasts longer. So I don't understand the why or how but do believe in the process.